bodyguards and security patrol

How Do Bodyguards and Security Patrol Services Protect Clients?

The bodyguards and security patrol services of Hillquest Security protect the rich and famous in LA and other parts of the country. Our bodyguards and security guards aren’t the type of people that you see in the movie. When it comes to effectively protecting our clients, size isn’t a vital part, although it plays a role. Rather, the most important skills that our bodyguards and security guards possess are softer skills. 

Communication and Diplomacy of Bodyguards and Security Patrol Services

They are vital to make them effective personal security. Most of our bodyguards can speak a different language. You shouldn’t judge bodyguards based on how tall they are or what their weight is. If you’re using a bodsyguard who looks muscular or someone that you see on TV, then you’re only attracting attention. Instead, choose a bodyguard who can effectively communicate with you and other people. He must know how to handle any danger without excessive force. 


Our bodyguards are also flexible. We know that no matter how much time they spend planning an event, at the last minute, our clients may still change their itineraries. That’s why our staff can easily adjust to the schedule of our clients. We understand that our clients are leading chaotic lives. Our staff can adjust to the location of the clients and how long they need to stay there. The key here is flexibility. Adaptability is also another reason we have successfully protected various types of people.

Our bodyguards had been involved as an undercover for some of our clients. They had to pose as tourists, merchants, and other covers so they can properly protect our clients without them realizing it. They know how to stay incognito. On the other hand, if you need a type of security service that can offer security presence to your property, then our security patrol service is the answer. With this type of service, a security guard won’t be stationed in one place. Rather, the guards will stop at various places and intervals to check up on various things. 

You will have the option to pick the number of times you want our company to drive by. And if you experience a problem, our security team will be there to assist you. 

Detecting Suspicious Activity 

Our bodyguards and security patrol team can easily detect suspicious activity. They will know if people have been loitering or behaving suspiciously. They can respond quickly at all times. Our bodyguards are quick to act to ensure the safety of our clients. When problems arise, our bodyguards and security patrol team can act swiftly. Having a bodyguard or security presence can deter criminals. It prevents crimes from occurring. Our guards are well-trained and skilled to provide a robust security presence. 

Furthermore, our guards aren’t just trained to protect our clients but they’re also trained on how to perform CPR and first aid. This is vital because anything can happen and with those first-aid skills, they can save our clients’ lives and the lives of strangers. For more information about our bodyguards and security patrol services, please contact us at (888) 925-8040.