Event Security in Miami

How Is Event Security in Miami Worth It

There are several answers to this question, but let’s give the most obvious one first. If you are legally required to provide security, if your insurance company will not cover you without security, then you need event security in Miami. That is the most absolute answer. However, in most cases, having event security is not legally required, so here are a few things to consider if you are hiring security people for your event.

Does Your Insurance Company Insist on Security?

This was mentioned in the introduction and is actually quite a complex issue. An insurance company may not outright state that you need to hire security staff, but then may claim you were negligent with regard to security when you make a claim. On a similar note, they may insist that you need security in order to cover your event, and if you don’t hire security, then your entire insurance policy becomes void. Event security is worth it, even if your insurance company only mildly suggests you hire security (rather than demanding it). 

Getting Lower Insurance Rates and Business Deals

Some companies that attend your event may ask for higher amounts or pay less rental fees if you do “Not” have security. In these cases, it is probably worth getting some security staff on site. Your insurance company may not insist on security staff but may offer a slightly lower rate for your event if you have paid and professional security people on site. There are certain business deals where security is a sticking point. If things are stolen or damaged in their businesses, they may find a way of blaming you and your lack of adequate security.

Preventing Situations Through a Show of Force

The police may or may not attend your event. If they do, then you have a reasonable show of force that may scare off some opportunistic criminals. However, there is a far bigger deterrent if you hire security staff. This is especially true at music events. Have you ever noticed how there are tens of security staff at the gates as people enter? This is actually to encourage people to ditch their drugs or weapons before entry. It is a psychological tactic, and it actually works. In these situations, hiring a security company may be prudent.

Event Security in Miami

Getting a Good Price and a Good Deal Matters

As you have read in this article, many of the reasons to hire security staff are to lower the amount of potential loss and/or to save money. There comes a cost-benefit point where hiring security staff ends up costing less than if you don’t hire them. Nevertheless, you still need to consider the type, price, and quality of the security staff you hire. If you hire poor-quality event security in Miami, then none of the benefits listed in this article will apply. Ideally, you want good value for your money. Ideally, you want a balanced service. If that is the case, then make contact with Hillquest Security and Patrol and take a look at what they can offer. You may be pleasantly surprised.