Movie Set Security

How to Keep your Set Safe With our Movie Set Security

Hosting Hollywood and most American actors and aspiring to be actresses and actors, it comes as no surprise that many films are shot in California. Even with local neighbors being already used to this industry you can never be too careful when it comes to the movie set security: Shooting a movie in a particular area can bring a lot of excitement, for both those who live close to the location and the fans of a particular actor or actress who may find out of the filming spot and show up, hoping to get a photo or autograph of their idol. Let us tell you how our security guards can help your cast to be safe and happy.

Why Have Movie Set Security

Cameras, movie stars, crowds, sometimes even costumes… with that explosive combination of items it is hard not to attract people, even in cities like Los Angeles where you would think locals are already used to the stars. This shows you, however, how having an onsite movie set security can make a big difference.

Having a team of officers present at the set can help you to keep control of the crowds and keep them out of areas where you need to shoot a scene, or where the actors are resting. HillQuest Security is experienced in dealing with the public with respect and decorum while keeping the area safe and secure for both the fans and the people working in the film.

The Services We Provide

Hiring us is not only limited to keeping people from interrupting any scenes. Hiring the team from Hillquest Security means that many job duties will be handled for you. To begin with, we can provide personal protection for some of your most known actors and actresses, to move around or to and from the set.

In addition to that, we can take care of the traffic on your behalf, keeping vehicles away from the area in which you need to shoot a scene. Finally, we can obviously provide overnight or weekend guards for production areas or the set when there is nobody present, so the area stays safe and potential thieves or vandals think twice before attempting a robbery.

Movie Set Security

HillQuest Security is Just What you Need

If you take part on the production team of a film and are interested in hiring a movie set security for your motion picture contact HillQuest Security for the help you need. We are an expert security firm that offers the services we have been talking about, suitable for both VIPs and movie sets. For more information about what we do, call us at (888) 925-8040. Over the phone you can set up an appointment with our security experts who will be able to map out a security plan customized to your advantage, to satisfy your needs during the movie production. We will be waiting for your call!