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How to Protect Heavy Machinery in a Construction Site?

A construction site in Fontana and other areas is vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and other criminal acts. Losses from construction equipment theft are estimated to be between $300 million and $1 billion every year. Fortunately, most of these risks can be easily reduced by having all security services in Fontana, CA. We outlined below the reasons you need to enlist the most reputable security guards for your construction site.

Deter Heavy Machinery Theft by Hiring All Security Services in Fontana CA

Any construction site has a variety of expensive equipment and tools. Most of them cost billions of dollars. You may think that storing them in another location at the end of the working day will provide security to the equipment. But it’s impractical. Thus, heavy machinery and expensive tools are left on the premises. Unfortunately, they are highly vulnerable to theft.

Prevent Basic Materials From Being Stripped

In addition to expensive equipment and tools, thieves can also strip copper from basic materials that contain those elements. Then, they’ll sell these elements for a high price. Furthermore, if the construction site has reached the later stages, it might have expensive fixtures that can be easily stolen. But these criminal activities can be deterred by having construction site security guards. Potential thieves will think twice when they see security guards on the site. When you have attentive security officers on duty, those who wish to break into the site will be stopped in their criminal acts.

All Security Services in Fontana CA

Stop Unauthorized Individuals from Getting Inside the Construction Site

Contractors, construction workers, architects, inspectors, and other people enter and exit the construction sites. Without security officers manning the entrance and exit points, any person can just get inside the construction site. And yes, even those people without proper authorization. The guards can monitor those who are entering and exiting the site. They ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed entry to the site.

Make Sure the Site is Safe

Security guards won’t just keep the site secure and safeguard heavy machinery but they also guarantee that the site is safe for everyone on the premises. If you hire security officers from Hillquest Security, you are guaranteed that the officers are highly trained in first aid. Thus, they can provide proper life-saving assistance to anyone who needs it on the premises. If someone is injured on the site, they can perform first aid until the first emergency responders arrive on the scene.

Reduce Liabilities

But these aren’t the only benefits of hiring security guards. When you have security officers manning the construction site, your liabilities are greatly reduced. Security guards can monitor the construction site and prevent incidents that can lead to liability. Furthermore, you may also receive a discount on your insurance premium for just having security officers on the site. If you have an ongoing project and you don’t have all security services in Fontana, CA, then you’re putting your business at risk. Reduce the risk by calling us here: (888) 925-8040