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Is Asset Protection in Los Angeles Right For Your Business?

Different businesses have different security needs. Some locations need armed guards to prevent criminal activity. Other properties need parking lot security to make sure the perimeter is secure. But many companies require loss prevention strategies. So, does Asset Protection in Los Angeles suit your business?

What Is Asset Protection?

Asset Protection or Loss Prevention refers to a retailer’s strategy to mitigate theft from customers, criminals, and employees. Loss prevention doesn’t only cover someone swiping an extra bag of chips but can spread to employees giving away items for free or at a discounted rate.

What Types of Loss Prevention Services Are Available? 

Asset Protection strategies are crucial for retail locations to ensure they aren’t bleeding money. But there are several types of security services that can benefit loss protection efforts. Let’s take a deeper look at a few standard options.

Mystery Shoppers

Many retail locations utilize “Mystery Shoppers” to prevent theft, criminal activity, and other incidents. Mystery Shoppers are undercover security professionals acting as customers. They wear plain clothing, behave as shoppers, and keep an eye on the store. 

For example, a HillQuest Mystery Shopper might pose as a customer looking for new shirts. They would keep an eye on customers acting suspiciously and act accordingly if they saw someone shoplift. If approved by management, the HillQuest Security guards can detain shoplifters and call further authorities. 

Undercover Detection Services

Many businesses utilize undercover detection services to monitor internal affairs. Undercover detection can include investigative teams that track the ins and outs of a business. For instance, the HillQuest Security team can go undercover and monitor suspected employees via remote techniques.

These strategies can be useful for all businesses, especially environments without retail, like warehouses. 

Preventative Strategies

Besides undercover and in-uniform security professionals, many businesses utilize preventative theft strategies. Preventative strategies vary depending on the type of business, location, and goals. 

Some preventative methods, like employee training to reduce operational mistakes, can be implemented immediately. Other aspects like optimizing the retail layout, communication improvements, and security cameras can also be executed.

Is Asset Security Right for My Business?

Asset Protection is a crucial security measure for many businesses. Loss can occur from theft, poor training, internal incidents, and even vendor issues. The HillQuest Security Team is trained to handle any inquiry or situation effectively. 

Our experts can manage risk analysis and create preventative plans to mitigate incidents before they happen. Asset Security might be right for you if you’ve had problems in the past, suspect internal issues, or you’re growing rapidly. 

The right services can help you stay on top of current incidents and prevent future incidents from arising. Contact HillQuest Security for more information. 

Asset Protection in Miami

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