security guard services in Los Angeles

Is It Necessary to Hire a Security Guard with a Military Background

Many people think that the security guard services in Los Angeles consist of personnel with a military background. But not all bodyguards have such experience to make an effective security guard/bodyguard. However, if you hire some of the bodyguards at Hillquest Security, you can be sure that you are hiring people with military training. 

Security Guard Services in Los Angeles to Protect You from Hostile Environment 

If you need to establish a business in a hostile environment, then you surely need a guard with a military background. And Hillquest Security can provide you with such a guard with extensive relevant training. The guards with this training have a minimum of four years of military service. However, we also have civilians with no hostile environment assignments but they have proven to be useful in protecting the clients. On the other hand, if you are not operating in a hostile environment, then a military background isn’t essential. However, having such a background has proven to be worthy. 

Our executive protection security guards have undertaken extreme training to ensure that they can completely protect the clients. They’ve been trained on how to use weapons safely. However, when it comes to hiring security guards, it still boils down to the guard’s attitude, trustworthiness, reliability, and determination. Hillquest Security provides comprehensive training to the security guards before they are deployed. They undergo such training regularly. 

In that case, just because they have passed the training last year, it doesn’t mean that they won’t undergo another training session next year. Hillquest Security won’t hire them if they fail to pass the training and any examination provided. 

With regular training, Hillquest Security can guarantee that the security guards will have attention to detail and their ability to communicate with the clients is exemplary. They also have strong observational skills to help them determine if there’s a potential risk.

security guard services in Los Angeles

Customized Security Plans 

Every business is different. You may be facing different threats. But no matter what threat you are facing, the definite thing is that the bad actors can act at any time. For that reason, when you consult our team for a security service, we will customize it based on your needs. There are different security guard solutions available at Hillquest Security. 

For instance, you can opt for security patrols. They are vital, especially after office hours. Since no people are coming and existing, criminals can easily carry out their evil plans. They can steal your expensive equipment, which will surely cost your business. However, the security patrol that your business needs will depend on the risks you are facing. If your business is in a bad community, adding security patrols is necessary. Plus, you may need to install monitored cameras. 

Security Guards for Your Business

No matter what level of risk your business is facing, you can’t dismiss the importance of security guard services in Los Angeles. But you must only hire the best in the industry. And if you want guards with a military background, then Hillquest Security can provide you with such requirements. Call us for consultation here: 1.888.925.8040.