OC patrol private security

Is There an Advantage of Hiring a Mobile Patrol Guard?

A mobile patrol private secure is a great alternative to an on-site security guard. The OC patrol private security guards of Hillquest Security follow random and schedule routes in marked and well-maintained vehicles. But they are sometimes on foot as part of a security strategy. One reason companies are opting for this type of security service is that the location where they stand to guard isn’t fixed. In that case, they can surprise anyone who wishes harm to the building or property. They can also prevent the bad actors from inflicting any harm. 

OC Patrol Private Security in Deterring Visible Crime

The partial guards are in marked vehicles so that the bad actors can easily recognize them from a distance. It’s a clear advantage because when they notice them, they are likely to withdraw from their pursuit of unlawful activity. 

In other words, they are discouraged from committing robbery or any wrong activities on your property. 

Survey Different Locations 

As mentioned, patrol security guards don’t stay in one location. They are on wheels to monitor different areas of the property and check for security hazards. 

Because they consistently rotate, they can keep an eye on various locations and ensure that the entire property is completely safe. 

OC patrol private security

Reduces Losses and Liabilities from Break-Ins 

Burglaries are a common problem among business owners. They lose as much to burglars as they do to shoplifters. But it’s not only break-ins that owners are afraid of. Vandalism and other damage can cause huge losses and liabilities. Installing mobile patrol security guards to protect your property can help you avoid paying for expensive building repairs or a lawsuit settlement. 

Safeguard Employees 

It’s not only the building or property that patrol security guards are protecting. They can also function as staff escorts to accompany your employees to safety. For instance, if a VIP visits your establishment, the mobile patrol team can escort that person to his/her destination safely. If any threat and hazards arise, they can fight them off before they get out of hand. 

But they are not just for VIPs. Mobile patrol security guards will give your employees a different sense of security. Because they know that people are protecting them wherever they are in the building, they can focus on their work. This leads to a boost in their productivity. It can also help you retain your best employees. 

Respond to Emergency Situation 

Because mobile patrol security guards have easy access to vehicles, they can quickly respond to alarms or emergencies in seconds. 

For instance, if there’s a fire that starts in the warehouse and the mobile patrol security guards are on the wheels within that location, they can easily put off the fire or call the nearest fire station. 

Choose the Right Mobile Patrol Team 

Indeed, having a mobile patrol service offers a lot of advantages. But don’t just hire any company. Instead, opt for an OC patrol private security with highly-trained security guards. Call Hillquest Security to know more about how we can satisfy your security needs:  +1 (888) 925-8040.