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Reasons Why Your Local Hospital Should Have Security Service Los Angeles

Most people who visit hospitals don’t think too much about security guards at hospitals. However, in today’s unpredictable world having hospital security units should be at the top of most hospital’s checklists. Hospitals are one of the few places that are open 24/7 which means they open to security breaches 24/7. There are people, patients and staff moving in and out of the buildings day and night. Yet, with the proper security measures in place a hospital should be a place that’s safe from threats. If you are looking for a professional team of security service Los Angeles or other security options, you can trust HillQuest Security.

Hospitals are the first thing we think of when we imagine a place where we can receive care and help. It’s where our loved ones will visit when we are ill or where we visit them when we are in need. We don’t usually think about the large amount of security that is needed in order to maintain a hospital’s ability to be safe.

Why do hospitals need a professional security staff?

Equipment and medicine theft: A Hospital is home to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment that it used every day. These things can be the subject of vandalism and theft which can no only cost the hospital to replace but also hamper their ability to give proper care. Some thieves don’t target the equipment and instead try to steal medications. It’s not always a person off the street either, sometimes it’s the staff who are taking medication they shouldn’t be. This is where a security system that involves locked areas or security clearance access cards come in handy.

Threat to patients and staff: When you, your loved ones or the staff of your hospital are present to work it’s important that everyone feels safe. There are many reasons why you safety may feel compromised when you are in a hospital. It could be an Emergency Room visit where a fight breaks out or upset family member’s making others feel uneasy. Having a physical guard located around the entrances to wards and having security cameras recording can make people feel more safe when visiting the hospital.

security service los angeles

Verification for entryways and exits: With so many ways of getting in and out of a hospital it’s best that there are security measures implemented to ensure that visitors, patients and staff are safe. This could mean the use of ID badges that are work by staff. It could also mean having guards watching the entry and exit areas for suspicious behaviors.

Untrustworthy Employees:  One huge threat that some don’t consider is that the employees as a hospital might not be trustworthy. They could use their staff status and ID/Access cards to gain access to rooms they shouldn’t be in or medical records that are classified.

Hospitals should ultimately be a safe space when we need help and in order to keep and maintain that secure space the administrators should hire great security service Los Angeles. If you are a hospital administrator looking for a professional team of guards or other security options you can trust HillQuest Security and Patrol to provide. Call us today for more information (800) 893-9646