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Looking to Hire a Celebrity Bodyguard?

A celebrity bodyguard is also known as an executive protection agent. Most celebrity bodyguards have more experience than guards who are safeguarding low-profile individuals. In other words, these guards are like elites in the security guard industry because of their experience. However, celebrity bodyguards are not trained equally. Their experience still depends on the security companies in Los Angeles who hired them.

Executive Protection of Security Companies in Los Angeles

Celebrity bodyguards of Hillquest Security have a thorough background in the military and police departments. But they don’t look like the bodyguards that you see on TV or have the face that could be on the covers of magazines. In that case, they are not more than six feet tall or weigh 300 pounds. Keep in mind that being a bodyguard is more than just physical appearance. Rather, it’s more about their experience in guarding personalities and famous people.

The Calmness of Celebrity Bodyguard

Celebrities often face different types of people. Most of them are rude others are chaotic. If you hire bodyguards who can’t control their temper, the celebrities they are protecting will be compromised. When it comes to finding the right celebrity bodyguard, you need to ensure that the guard has proper training on how to engage in a distress situation. The job is overwhelming because they have to escort celebrities to large gatherings where they get to meet their fans.

Security Companies in Los Angeles

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Celebrity Bodyguard?

It will depend on a lot of factors. The cost varies according to the type of work they are hired to do. Then, the location where they need to guard the celebrities will also affect the cost of hiring these guards. Celebrity bodyguards are trained to put their lives in danger to protect the celebrities. If their job involves minimal threat, then the cost of hiring them will be lower than when you hire them to guard a celebrity who faces several attacks. In other words, the tougher the job, the higher their professional fees are.

Who Needs a Celebrity Bodyguard?

You may think that hiring a celebrity bodyguard even if you’re not a celebrity is a ridiculous idea. However, if you wish to have a well-trained bodyguard who will protect you wherever you go, then you may contact our Hillquest Security service to know more about how we can provide you with the best celebrity bodyguard. Due to uncertain times, business owners are building enemies, who wish to harm them and their business. If you feel like you need executive protection, consider hiring a celebrity bodyguard.

Life Threats

If you are receiving death threats because of your job or for whatever reason, you need to consider the benefits of having a celebrity bodyguard. Hillquest Security is one of the security companies in Los Angeles that can provide you with outstanding executive protection services. Call us here to find out what service you need: (888) 925-8040.