Los Angeles security patrol

Los Angeles Security Patrol to Maintain a Safe and Secure Parking Lot

Why hiring a Los Angeles security patrol team is essential for the security of your parking lot? Let’s find out. When your customers and employees enter your property, you are responsible for their safety. Unfortunately, parking lot safety isn’t always guaranteed. That’s why as a business owner, you need to be proactive to ensure that every person that comes and goes into your property is safe. 

Let the Los Angeles Security Patrol Guards Act as Safety Escorts 

The security guards on the premises won’t just stand, walk and patrol the area. Instead, they can escort your employees or clients to their cars during dark hours. Your employees can just ask one of the guards to accompany them to their cars if they are scared to walk alone. However, it’s not always possible to walk every employee to his/her car during dark hours. That’s why a virtual escort can be useful. The escort can still be the security guards you hired from Hillquest Security. The guards can monitor the employees or clients on live video cameras. They can also opt to talk to them on the phone so they feel safer. Before they walk out of the building to go to the parking lot, the security guards can first monitor the parking space using cameras and evaluate the safety. If no security issues are found, then that’s the time the employees can walk out.

Install Better Camera Surveillance System 

If you’re still relying on old, outdated CCTV systems, then you can’t 100% guarantee the safety of your employees and clients. The reason for this is that this old system isn’t up for the job. Indeed, security cameras can deter criminals. However, the latest surveillance system can provide better security to the parking lot. For instance, you can opt for an intelligent driver camera that can verify the identity of the person who enters a parking facility. It can also alert the security staff if that person isn’t allowed in the area. 

Add More Security Guards 

It’s true that security guards are an old-fashioned way to monitor and guard your parking lot or property. However, they work. That’s why if you have a special event or you expect increased traffic to your store, make sure that you add more security guards to protect the area. The additional security can be a great way to keep the property more secure. They can complement the surveillance system that you have installed. 

Design a Security Plan for Your Parking Lot 

A parking lot is necessary if you own a building. Providing your employees and clients ample parking space will ensure that they keep on coming back to do business with you. However, an extensive parking lot will be for naught if it’s not safe for your employees and clients. If your clients are afraid to walk to their cars from your office, they would think twice to opt for your services again. 

How Can Hillquest Security Help? 

You can significantly improve the security of your parking area in various ways. Talk to our security experts to know how our Los Angeles security patrol team can help. Call us at 1.888.925.8040.