The number of thefts in retail locations has increased throughout the years. It is becoming necessary to have someone professional and certified on site during and after business hours. We provide professional, certified and trained security guards for your protection. Our staff perform their duties with or without uniform upon your request.

Security System Los Angeles

At HillQuest Security, we provide all kinds of services related to security and safety of your business locations. We handle all your inquiries and suggestions efficiently. We have the skills to manage risk analysis activity and prepare preventative theft strategy. Our strategies cover all types of security concerns which can be faced by the employers and employees of any organization. The appropriate detection and intervention in cases of shoplifting and fraud, as well as interception and arrest of suspects in cases of criminal infraction.

  • Preventing Auto theft.
  • Cover parking perimeters.
  • Customer Service training.
  • Retail Theft Prevention Services.
  • Undercover Detection Services.
  • Mystery shoppers.
  • Uniform and plain-clothes guards.


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