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Miami Security Guard for Your Apartment Complex Security

If you are looking to hire a Miami security company you have already made the right step in creating a safer location for residents and staff alike. The added presence of security guards offers both immediate and long-term benefits. In the end, you will find yourself with a high-quality building, a stronger reputation, and tenants who are eager to renew their rental agreements.

Deter Crime

The most obvious benefit to hiring apartment complex security is that their presence can prevent a crime from even happening. Multiple guards will be on the premises to protect the entryways, patrol parking lots, and provide constant CCTV monitoring. Individuals are less likely to engage in criminal activity when they see even one security guard, and having multiple will fortify their hesitation. These guards do not act independently either, they collaborate to offer optimal security. For example, guards who are tasked with CCTV monitoring can contact lobby security services if they notice something on camera, just in case the lobby guards have not seen it yet.

Your tenants want to keep their homes safe too and will make an effort to do so. Having immediate access to a Miami security company means they can report suspicious behavior as soon as they see it.

security guards

Respond to Threats and Emergencies

Exactly what type of crises are security guard services in Miami trained to handle? Security guards are technically first responders so their training is very comprehensive and includes situations such as:

  • Evacuating the building when the fire alarm is triggered
  • Removing someone from the premises if they are causing problems or posing a security threat
  • Denying entry to suspicious individuals
  • Intervening abuse such as domestic violence
  • De-escalating nonviolent conflict
  • Protecting tenants from active shooters or other armed persons
  • Lending proper aid in mental health crises

When your property is being guarded and patrolled 24/7 they will notice every safety hazard aside from criminal activity, such as the janitors forgetting to put up a wet floor sign.

Coordinate With Law Enforcement and Management

Every Miami security guard, from apartment complex security to private security, maintains detailed reports. This information is extremely useful to law enforcement personnel, EMTs and paramedics, firefighters, building managers, and insurance providers.

Further, a security guard can provide aid in criminal procedures by offering eyewitness testimonies. Not only does this provide information to help move a case along, but it also prevents misinformation from interfering with it. Victims and witnesses of a crime may be too traumatized to provide a full account, while collaborators may lie or withhold information to prevent self-incrimination.

Your Property Value Will Increase

Some people are hesitant to look into security guard services in Miami because of the expenses involved. Rather than seeing it as a cost, you should consider it an investment in your property. Property managers and building owners alike will financially benefit from the presence of security guards who specialize in keeping apartment complexes safe. They prevent costly concerns such as vandalism and property damage or legal issues where you may be held liable such as burglary and personal injury.

You can increase your rental fees so they reflect the quality of your property, generating a higher profit. There is also a chance that your insurance premiums may go down. In other words, the upfront costs for apartment complex security pay for themselves.

You Will Attract High-Quality Tenants

Visible lobby security services leave a great impression on others, regardless of whether or not they are tenants, which affects the neighborhood as a whole. When prospective tenants see that there is a Miami security company on the premises they will be more inclined to apply.  This is because hiring a Miami security company sets you apart from your competitors. A safe building is much more attractive than a building that generates interest by providing amenities and cheap rent. These tenants are often interested in long-term arrangements too, so don’t be surprised when your lease renewals start to increase.

Troublesome tenants on the other hand will be more inclined to find housing elsewhere. They do not want to draw attention to themselves, and a Miami security guard from HillQuest is sure to notice them.

Your Tenants Will Be Happier

At the end of the day, what matters most is making sure that your tenants enjoy living in your apartment complex. Miami security guards do much more than what their job title suggests. Lobby security services will always be there to greet them. They will happily help them carry things such as luggage, packages, and groceries. Tenants with health concerns that affect their mobility and daily routines will always have someone nearby who can lend a hand. Security guards are more than service providers, they are members of the community. If you are interested in providing your residents with the best security guard services in Miami please contact our office today. We look forward to helping you create a safer, happier, and healthier community.