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Mistakes That Lead to Cash Van Robberies

Robbers are attracted to cash-in-transit trucks since they are rewarding. They are, however, dangerous; vans are moving, guards must be addressed immediately and security is tougher than in many other targets. As a result, this form of crime draws the interest of ‘experts,’ or those that are committed and experienced, and thus better equipped to mitigate the risks involved with their criminal activity. Robbers look for loopholes during van cash transfer before they attack.

Using the same route

A cash van can either collect cash from the bank and deliver it to company premises although most deliveries are from businesses to banks. Naturally, it is easier to follow the shortest route to the bank and make a habit of using that route all the time. Cash van robbers do not make decisions to rob within an hour but they take time to study the routes the cash van uses on its way to the bank. They study the best spot to attack and consider their safety and the easiest escape route.You should not follow the same route daily but you must keep alternating the routes. That’s why you should outsource services from bank security services Los Angeles because they understand this secret well.

Picking at the same time

Another grave mistake you can make is to call armed patrol Los Angeles to provide security for the cash van at the same time of the day consistently. Again cash van robbers will monitor the time the van leaves your premises and it will be very easy to rob the van on the way, at the premises, or the bank. Arrange different time schedules each day so that robbers will not be sure what time to attack.

Using insecure entries and exits

The easiest point to rob cash is at the loading and unloading point. If you use a security company that is not experienced like mobile patrol security Orange County, they might park their cash van at the main entrance where everyone can see it and robbers can easily attack and prevail. Cash vans should use secure entries and exits with manned security and vehicle security. The offloading point should also be secured tightly.


Some cash transit companies might have officers who are not faithful to their work and they can make the mistake of betrayal and collude with robbers to steal the cash in transit. In other instances, the company staff can arrange with robbers to steal by giving them security information like the time for picking the cash and amount. You should always hire security companies in Riverside that are known to have high-level integrity in their work.

Hire experienced bank security

Most cash van robberies can be preventable if the right procedures are strictly followed. You should hire a cash transit company with a good track record and a high level of integrity. Our security team identifies, analyzes, and controls every potential and existing danger to ensure your money is safe during transit. We understand what robbers look for and we plan to avoid any incidents. Call our office at 1.888.925.8040 for more information.