Mobile Patrol In Los Angeles

The Importance Of A Mobile Patrol In Los Angeles

Mobile Patrol In Los Angeles

A mobile patrol in Los Angeles is a kind of service that you need on the go. It’s a kind of security that you can have that’s not dependent on the guards in your premises. Mobile patrol services of Hill Quest can give you protection to a certain employee of your company or in transit of your goods. This service is different from the security guard services that our clients will generally hire. Our mobile patrol officers are trained specifically for the job, and we can give you the best security by patrolling your premises randomly. In that way, you can be sure that we’re giving you extra protection on your business.

24/7 Service

Our armed guards drive all patrol vehicles that we have. But we don’t just deploy them. We ensure that they are CPR and First-Aid certified. They have years of experience in the security field. Our mobile patrol guards in Los Angeles carry mace, baton and exposed weapons permit. Their DMV report is evaluated, and they all passed a report writing test, as well as physical test. Our mobile patrol drivers are the best trained in the industry.

What Vehicles Do We use?

At HillQuest Security, we use different kinds of vehicles to meet our clients’ needs. But all vehicles that we have are equipped with first aid kits, two-way radios, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment. We provide layered protection using a 24-hour dispatcher and watch commanders, as well as mobile patrol units. That level of protection ensures that every officer has the protection that he/she needs. In that way, our mobile patrol guards can safely defend your property for a specified shift.

How Is Monitoring Done?

The security monitoring is conducted 24/7 using specialized equipment to give you round the clock protection. It is up to you what location you want to be secured at a given moment. As requested, we deploy uniformed or non-uniformed officers to take rounds of your location at a specific time with unmarked vehicles. They also keep a tab on the safety of your employees. Our officers can also escort any member of your staff to make sure that they arrive safely to their destination. If there is a reported security breach, our patrolling officers will summon the local police and other emergency services to your location to mitigate the problem before they become out of control.

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