Mobile patrol in Miami

Mobile Patrol in Miami for Your Commercial Building

Secure Your Building Perimeter with HillQuest Security Mobile Patrol 

The world is a particularly dangerous place right now with riots, looting, and protests going on. Places of business have been broken into and vandalism has been an issue in Miami over the past few months. HillQuest Security is determined to help restore safety to both you and your assets whether it be your business, rental properties, or your home. Mobile patrol in Miami is one of the best ways to prevent crime and assure your building perimeter is secure at all times. 


There are variables when it comes to mobile patrols. Different areas of the city require more attention than others and it’s important that HillQuest Security receives as much information as possible from you before proceeding. A few things we’ll need to know: the size of the area we’ll be patrolling, the address, what personnel will be in and out of the area, and so forth. 

Mobile patrol in Miami

Apartment Complex Mobile Patrol

There are hundreds of neighborhoods in and around Miami that have rental properties. Some are in safer neighborhoods than others, but all of them could benefit from having mobile patrol services. Mobile patrol not only helps prevent crime from happening when our officers are there, but it also sends a message to the future perpetrators. Intruders are less likely to come around again if they’ve seen a patrol car in the area. 


Sometimes, perpetrators master the times of day when the patrol cars are there and know when to go without getting caught. This is why HillQuest Security provides a strategic plan to patrolling your rental complex. We can come at specific or random times depending on what you’d prefer. 


Our officers are always friendly and want to make your tenants feel secure and never intimidated. Letting them know in an email that there will be security patrol cars around shows that you respect their security and privacy that comes along with renting from you. 

Commercial Mobile Patrol 

Whether you have a current construction project in the suburbs or a retail shop in the city, HillQuest Security can handle it all when it comes to securing your building. Having our state-of-the-art security systems installed is the first step in protecting your building, though it’s also a great idea to have mobile patrol in Miami checking on the building as well. Security cameras will certainly pick up any suspicious activity, but it’s also important to have a physical presence in the area from time to time.


Calling HillQuest Security for mobile patrol in Miami is incredibly easy. We are open 24/7 and there’s always someone to take your call. Check out our website for more information on mobile patrols or give us a call: (888) 925-8040.