movie set security

Movie Set Security Provides Layers of Protection

Shooting a movie in a particular neighborhood or area can bring a lot of excitement. The people that live and work nearby may naturally be drawn to what is going on. Fans of the actors and actresses in the movie may automatically find out where the film is shooting and show up, hoping to catch a glimpse of the favorite star and maybe get a photo or an autograph. For all these people, it is an event filled with excitement and awe, but if you are responsible for the movie set and all the personnel involved, it can be a logistical nightmare for you. There can be many areas of disruption that can cause delays or problems for you, which is why having security on site can be so important. The movie set security will provide you with different layers of protection with all the functions it can perform today.

Security and Crowd Control

Movie stars and cameras are going to attract crowds; there is little that can be done about something like this, even in areas like Los Angeles where it may seem commonplace. That is why having security on movie sets makes a difference. You can have a team of officers present that can help to control the crowds and keep them out of the areas where you are attempting to shoot a scene or your movie. Security guards like the ones we provide at HillQuest Security are experienced in dealing with the public and know how to handle crowds with the proper respect and decorum, while at the same time working to keep the area safe and secure for all involved.

movie set security

Movie Set Security : Additional Security Protections for You

When you hire us at HillQuest Security for your movie set security, we can handle many job duties for you. We can provide the personal protection that some of your actors and actresses may require as they move around or to and from the set. We can work on traffic management for you to help keep traffic diverted from the area while a shoot goes on. We can also provide overnight or weekend guards for set and production areas when there is no one present or no production going on so that the area stays safe and free from potential thieves or vandals.

Talk to Us about Security for Your Movie

If you are involved with the production of a motion picture and are interested in hiring movie set security, contact us at HillQuest Security for the help you need. We are an expert security firm in the Orange County area and offer a wide array of security services that are suitable for movie sets and VIPs. You can find out more about what we can do for you by reading the articles on our website, or by calling us directly at (888) 925-8040. You can set up a consultation with one of our security experts, and we will be happy to map out a security plan for you that provides you with just what you need during your movie production.