Moving Products In or Out of Your Retail Store? HillQuest Retail Security

Do the headlines about looting and vandalism have you concerned about the products in your retail store? In addition, are you thinking of moving them to a safer location to help prevent theft? We understand and are here to help. If you are preparing to move inventory and want security as you do this, you need highly experienced retail security services in Los Angeles. To add to that, HillQuest Security is ready to serve you as you make tough decisions for your business during this time. 

Extra Retail Security for Unusual Times 

Owning or managing a boutique that sells luxury items is not uncommon in Los Angeles. High fashion has always been and will continue to be, an integral part of L.A. culture. Fortunately, HillQuest Security has years of experience in retail security. Following that as looting has become a prominent issue in Los Angeles, you need a company with years of experience. Especially in retail security to give you the best defense in loss prevention. Hence, our security guards, ranging from former military to off-duty police officers; all with highly sought after skills and training from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS.) Moreover, HillQuest Security has a proven track record of delivering on our insured services by de-escalating situations quickly and professionally. At the same time, our security guards are not interested in asserting any power or dominance until an actual situation arises. 

Services at HillQuest Security

Similarly, our security guards are focused on the safety of everyone in the store and loss prevention. Each retail store we secure is unique and has different needs and expectations from us. Furthermore, below is a list of services we provide in relation to retail security. These are included, but certainly not limited to:

  • Retail Theft Prevention Services.
  • Mystery Shoppers.
  • Uniform and plain-clothes guards.
  • Customer Service training.
  • Preventing Auto Theft.
  • Undercover Detection Services.
  • Cover parking perimeters.

Immediate Security Services at HillQuest

Unfortunately, the number of thefts in retail stores is on the rise; even before the looting from protesters started. The sooner you take action in securing your retail store in Los Angeles, the better chance you have of preventing theft and vandalism. Retail security services Los Angeles are vital in protecting your business from protesters, vandalism, and looting. Our team works around the clock, forming new ways to ensure your protection and safety. HillQuest Security is available to you 24/7. If you’re laying in bed stressing about the safety of your business, certainly call us right away. We are here to send security immediately or to simply answer any questions you may have. Reach us anytime at 1.888.925.8040