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Need to Hire a Guard Security Company for Your Residence? Read This First

A guard security company can protect your house and your family. But how should you go about the task of hiring a security guard? 

Hire a Guard Security Company that Performs Background Check 

If you’re responsible for finding a security company that provides you with highly qualified and trained security guards, then opt for a company that performs regular background checks. Checking the guard’s background will help reduce the likelihood of having a security guard with a criminal history to monitor your residence. However, even if the security guard company reviews the history of the security guards before they hire them, it’s still vital that you will carry out a background check yourself. You may call a local police station to help you do the checking or hire a private investigator. But just because the guards have an impeccable record with the law, it doesn’t mean that they are the right ones for the job. Keep in mind that the security guards will meet and greet you and your family when you leave or return to your residence. In that case, you need security guards with pleasant personalities. It means that they must be courteous and with a good sense of humor. Although security guards are well-trained to be stoic to help them perform better, they are trained not to be rude to their clients. 

Is Previous Experience Necessary? 

Security guards must have prior experience. However, don’t dismiss the capability of a security guard just because he’s still new in the business. Then again, he must be paired up with another security guard with years of experience in the industry. 

Work Hours of the Security Guards in Your Residence

It depends on how long you want them to monitor your residence. Most guards can work a 12-hour shift. Talk to the security company about the work hours of their security guards. Make sure that you know how often they get a break.

Armed or Unarmed 

It’s the most frequently asked question of people who are looking to hire a team of security guards. The choice will depend on the area they are monitoring. If you work with a reputable guard security company, you can be sure that its security guards are trained to protect anyone with or without the use of a firearm. However, having armed security guards can be vital especially if you live in a city with higher crime rates. 

Should You Just Hire Someone with Security Guard Experience? 

It’s not advisable to hire just someone. Instead, work with a security guard agency as it will do a thorough background check. And if the guard assigned to your residence is unwell or on leave, the agency can provide a temporary replacement. 

Why Hire Hillquest Security? 

The agency has been around for many years. The security guards here are very responsive to any issue to ease the mind of their clients. They are also prompt and thorough in what they do. If you need a team of security guards to patrol your property or residence, call our guard security company today at: 1.888.925.8040.