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Orange County Private Security on Advises on Verifying Your Tenants Before Leasing Out

Leasing out a property may be profitable, but it is important to follow the due process to get optimal benefits. The landlord should be careful when choosing tenants because the investment benefit depends on the kind of tenants at hand. 

Tenant verification is an important component of the process which needs to be followed for security reasons. The great challenge for many landlords could be how to go about this important process. Here is Orange County Private Security advice for you. 

Background check

This is an important tenant verification process that involves gathering employment and any criminal records about the tenant. If your prospective tenant has a history of destroying property, you can establish this by conducting a background check.

If you are a new landlord and are not sure about conducting a background check, you can hire an agent to do it for you. Always conduct a background check by referring to the information from the rental application form. Such information may minimize the risk of fraud from any dishonest tenants.

Police verification

If you want to lease out your property but are not sure about security, you can consider tenants’ police verification. This may require you to visit a police station in your area and fill in the verification forms providing your details and those of your prospective tenant. 

Beverly Hills Private Security expert say that the verification forms are also available on police station websites from where you can download, fill in the details, and submit details electronically. This process should be completed by all the landlords before handing over the house or premises keys. This can make it easy for you as a landlord to involve the police in the event of any dispute.

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Personal referencing

Asking for one or two personal references whom you can call to inquire about the prospective tenant may be a simple way of tenant verification. Friends and family may also facilitate verification because they may possess relevant information. 

If the prospective tenant doesn’t have unlawful records, they may not hesitate to provide references. If they are not comfortable sharing the family members’ contacts, ask for friends’ contacts for record purposes.

Liaising with the previous landlord 

Private security in LA suggests that you should check with the previous landlord, if any, and gather information about the tenant. Ask relevant questions to ensure that the person is credible and reliable before you lease out your property. You can also request a reference letter from the landlord for record purposes.

The previous landlord can furnish you with information and alert you of any criminal records such as rent default, damage to property, or any kind of violence. Therefore, you can make informed decisions and avoid any fraudulent attempts that may occur in the future.

Get tenant verification investigative services 

Tenant verification may be tedious and time-consuming, calling for the need to hire an expert. If you are looking for a private security service in Orange County, you are covered by us at HillQuest Security services Company. We perform investigative activities for you as a landlord to establish individuals’ financial status and character to enable you to find the best tenants for your premises. Contact us now on 1.888.925.8040  and we will be glad to assist.