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Orange County Private Security Service on How a Kindergarten Should Ensure the Safety of Kids

Parents do everything they can to protect their children and ensure their safety but when they join the kindergarten, parents can no longer be sure if their kids are safe at school. Kids spend longer time at the kindergarten and the teacher has an extra duty to ensure they are safe in the class and the kindergarten compound. It is therefore important for the kindergarten management to have proper security measures in the kindergarten at all times.

Secure the school infrastructure

The kindergarten administration should have a policy in place for securing the kindergarten infrastructure to prevent accidents and injuries. The roof should be inspected to repair broken gutters and shingles. The playground should be free from open pits and holes and the installations like pipes, electricity, and sewer lines should be secure. Kids are always curious and they can fall into open pits or swing with electrical wires and get injured.

Have manned gate

Recently, cases of kidnapping of kids at school have increased and parents have paid heavily in ransom demands. The kindergarten management should arrange with the best security company in Los Angeles to have security guards at the gate all the time. They will control entry into the kindergarten and avert cases of missing and kidnapped children.

Have a controlled system for picking and dropping kids

There is a need to know who dropped your kid at school and who will pick them after school. The system will help in keeping a record that can be referred to if a kid goes missing in school or on their way home. The system can be software or use hardcopy registers although software might work better. The Orange County security services personnel should record the details of the person who picked or dropped the child. To make the system work better, the parent should give the name or names of people authorized to pick the kid from school.

Install security cameras

The school can install security cameras around the compound and at the gate to help monitor the kids’ movement and any intruders who might gain access to the compound. The mobile patrol security Orange County can take action fast if they notice any strange incident in the kindergarten. The camera footage can be used during investigations if an incident occurs and goes unnoticed immediately.

School bus safety rules

Security goes beyond the school compound to the school bus transport. There should elaborate rules for waiting for pickup, boarding the bus, staying seated, and alighting at school and the dropping point. Kids should not cross the road to board the school bus unless the driver signals them or helps them cross the road.

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Children are prone to many security challenges due to their tender age and they require special attention all the time. Parents keenly monitor their kids at home but in the school, security guards can help ensure kids are safe from strangers. Our team is specially prepared to deal with both routine school activities and the worst dangerous threats. Call us now at 1.888.925.8040 to arrange for your kindergarten security.