An Orange County security guard has to be experienced. They can’t just be dropped into a tense situation, where they have to protect a commercial or residential location without the proper training. They also have to be flexible, so that they can adjust as the situation changes. Perhaps most importantly, they have to be prepared. Those are just a few of the qualifications that a security guard needs. Each of the security guards from HillQuest Security can provide that and quite a bit more.

An Orange County Security Guard from HillQuest Security

Comprehensive security solutions are what we provide at HillQuest Security. Moreover, we provide solutions that are perfectly tailored to your unique situation. Whether you have a commercial location or a residential one, we can ensure that it has all of the necessary security. We can be with you every step of the way. We can augment and improve security systems and protocols already in place. Or, alternately, we can devise new ones, from scratch, that better adapt to your specific security situation.

Security when you need it

No two locations are exactly the same. When one area might need security, another might not. That’s why at HillQuest Security we can provide security 24 / 7. Locations that need increased security during the day can get it, while locations that need better protection at night (construction sites, hospitals and more) can receive that as well. That includes more than just keeping the location and assets safe (although that is a critical part of it). It also includes making sure that everyone who should be there can park safely and securely. It also means that the property and other assets are always well-protected. Security solutions from HillQuest Security can provide all of the security you’ve been looking for.

The Best in Technology

Each of our security pros come highly rated. We recruit almost exclusively from law enforcement and the military, so our security experts come in with a great resume. That’s only the beginning, however. We launch an extensive background check so that when you hire someone from HillQuest Security, you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best. Once they’ve passed through that check, we then put them through our one of a kind training. That way, they become experts in the best security technology as well. When you use HillQuest Security, you don’t just get the best security guards; you get the best security guard technology as well.

Security Guards in Orange County

When Crisis Strikes

Every year, it seems like the weather gets more and more unpredictable. Disasters can strike at any time. This is one more area where the expertise of our security professionals comes in so handy. They can take the lead during a disaster as well. They’ve been well trained to respond instantly to secure your institution, personnel, business and any other assets that you want to be protected. A disaster is exactly that: something that can’t be planned for. When they occur, you need someone that’s quick on their feet.

See, security guards from other security companies don’t have the same training that ours do. Ours can adapt on the fly: they can guard their post; they can go on patrol and everything in between. Security guards from other companies are usually trained to stand at their post and that’s it. However, during a disaster or some other kind of chaos, there might not be a post to stand by. Our guards know what to do when the power goes out; the flames get high, and everything else. The higher the stakes, the greater the pressure, the more our security guards rise to the challenge.

In security, everything can change in the blink of an eye. When it does, our guards respond proactively and correctly. That’s why so many businesses, as well as A-list celebrities, trust us to provide their security. Big name companies (and bigger name celebrities) have all the money they need to purchase any kind of security that they want. That’s why we’re all the more proud that they come back to HillQuest Security again and again. Now, we can put our experience protecting celebrities to use for you and your family.

From reading the above, it may sound like all of this will be terribly expensive. However, we offer cost-effective solutions. That way, whoever wants to get the best in security can do so. Our trained experts can protect your school, home, hospital, special event or basically anything else. If you have a situation that requires security professionals, we can sit down with you and figure out a plan. You put too much into your business, your home or your life to let it be derailed by threats. Let our security experts help by giving us a call at (888) 925-8040.