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Prevent Trespassing With a Security Guard in Riverside CA

Trespassing isn’t as harmless as it sounds. Thieves, criminals, vandals, members of the public, and staff will trespass with very nasty intentions. A common trick is to let your dog run in an area you want to scope out. Another is to go running and scope out places during your seemingly innocent exercise. If you prevent trespassing with a security guard in Riverside CA then you will avert several other crimes too. 

Signs Are Meaningless Without Reinforcement

People know you are probably not going to call the police if they trespass, and the most common excuse is that people didn’t know the area was restricted. Very big signs make that excuse a little less easy to pass but the truth is that signs are meaningless without security reinforcement. This is because trespassers have a goal in mind, and so will enter your property no matter what your signs say. The signs you put up are only for people who are “Not” already planning to trespass. They are for people who may innocently wander onto your property. If you have signed up and people are still trespassing, they are probably up to no good and you need security guards to address their behavior. 

Add Barriers and Fences

This is not always possible, which is why security services are so popular. A barrier or fence is similar to a sign. It keeps out people who may innocently trespass. This leaves only the people who are trespassing for a reason. Put up fences and barriers, and the people you catch have even fewer excuses as to why they are on your property.

Remove Reasons For Trespassing

Not to labor the point, but the fact is that trespassers are there intentionally. They have a reason to trespass, so perhaps lower their available (or obvious) reasons to trespass. For example, if you have equipment and goods that may be valuable on their own (or for scrap metal), then hide them or cover them when they are not in use. Do not leave windows open at night, even ones that are very high up. Do not leave covered and dark areas where people may hide because opportunist thieves and vandals love a place to hide.

 Security Guard in Riverside CA

Install a Few Cameras

Add cameras that are rounded. They are the types that could be looking in any direction at any time. The big rectangular cameras are a deterrent, but some younger or drug-addled thieves may believe they can out-maneuver your cameras. Make sure the cameras are very obvious because people don’t like the idea of being recorded (even if they are only trespassing).

Plus, you can have your security staff check your cameras when they are walking their rounds. When you hire a security guard in Riverside CA, give them as many tools as possible to deter trespassers. Having security guards is a great way of keeping your property and your business safe, but you should still make it as difficult as possible for trespassers. Get in touch with Hillcrest Security and Patrol to arrange a consultation and figure out how you could dramatically lower the number of trespassers on your property and within your business or building site.