Our preferred Los Angeles private investigators are the best in the industry. We work with individuals, small businesses, and corporations that are looking for a way to reduce losses. Our PI’s are usually retired undercover police officers or local private detectives. We employ only the best of the best officers from the investigative industry to make sure that clients receive the comprehensive services they deserve.

They perform all forms of investigative activities in order to obtain evidence for a wide variety of cases such as divorce, child custody, missing persons, or information about individuals’ character or financial status. They also perform undercover operations, for example, evaluating the performance and honesty of employees in the workplace (in some cases, posing as customers or employees).

Private Investigation Los Angeles

HillQuest referred Los Angeles Detectives provide the highest level of security for all of your needs including:

  • Surveil and warn troublemakers causing problems on establishment premises, and eject them from premises when necessary.
  • Apprehend suspects and release them to law enforcement authorities or security personnel.
  • Conduct background investigations of individuals, such as pre-employment checks, to obtain information about an individual’s character, financial status or personal history.
  • Perform and conduct private investigations on a paid basis. Confer with establishment officials, security departments, police, or postal officials to identify problems, provide information, and receive instructions.
  • Monitor industrial or commercial properties to enforce conformance to establishment rules, and to protect people or property.
  • Observe and document activities of individuals in order to detect unlawful acts or to obtain evidence for cases, using binoculars and still or video cameras.
  • Obtain and analyze information on suspects, crimes, and disturbances in order to solve cases, to identify criminal activity, and to gather information for court cases.
  • Be available to testify at hearings and court trials to present evidence.

In addition, Los Angeles Private Investigation referred Detectives are trained to:

  • Search computer databases, credit reports, public records, tax and legal filings, and other resources in order to locate persons or to compile information for investigations.
  • Write reports and case summaries to document investigations.
  • Alert appropriate personnel to suspects’ locations.
  • Expose fraudulent insurance claims or stolen funds.
  • Investigate companies’ financial standings or locate funds stolen by embezzlers, using the latest accounting skills.
  • Count cash and review transactions such as sales checks and register tapes in order to verify amounts and to identify shortages.


Private Investigation Los Angeles

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