security patrol in Los Angeles

Protect Your Company with a Professional Security Patrol in Los Angeles

Small and large businesses need to make sure that their commercial premises are secure, day and night. As a growing business, you will also need a team who can adapt to changes in the needs of your business, and arranging security services is an important part of facility management. A security patrol can do wonders for making your employees feel more protected, and will deter casual crime such as graffiti or vandalism. Hiring a professional security patrol in Los Angeles to watch your property will make everyone feel safer and can reduce financial loss through theft or criminal damage.

More Than Just Access Monitoring

If you have been using a security guard to protect your building by watching the entryways via video feed, or you have been relying upon an external company to monitor that feed during the night, then you may already know that this leaves many areas of your building unwatched. Your staff may be nervous about walking to the car park by themselves, or may feel ‘watched’ by the use of camera monitoring. The best way to resolve this is to bring in a physical presence, and make video monitoring secondary to an effective security patrol.

security patrol in Los Angeles

What Businesses Benefit From A Security Patrol?

Small businesses sometimes feel as though investing in a specialist security patrol service is something that they would like to do in the future, perhaps when they are more financially secure, but we believe that this type of service is ideal for growing businesses. Commercial and retail companies aiming to increase loss prevention, larger companies trying to improve their risk management policies, and businesses on the watch for internal theft can all still benefit from making use of a security patrol in their building.

Increasing Security and Reducing Risk

Making use of a specialist security patrol in Los Angeles service for your business can save you thousands of dollars every year. Not only do you cut back on losses from theft and violence – which could be costing you nearly $50,000 every year, you can also reduce the risk of losses through workplace violence, vandalism and insecurity among your employees. By protecting your building and your staff, you reduce costs and improve the workplace, making it more profitable. If you are looking for a professional security service in LA, then contact Hill Quest Security today, or call us at (800) 893-9646 now.