Quest Security Services to Safeguard Your Parking Garage

Property crimes are rampant in the US. And most of these crimes happen in a parking garage. Do your tenants and visitors a favor. Hire our Quest security services to make your parking lot or garage a better place. 

Quest Security Services to Prevent Crimes from Happening in Parking Garages 

One reason criminals opt to commit crimes in a parking garage is the lack of lighting. Darkness conceals their actions. Because of that, they are more confident in carrying out crimes. You can improve lighting in the parking garage. Make sure that the areas are well-lit. You should install proper lighting in every blind spot, in addition to parking and walking areas. The lights must provide proper illumination so your tenants and visitors can safely park their cars or leave the garage. But there are still criminals who are well-versed in their illegal activities that they can easily commit crimes even in a well-lit environment. We’re not saying that you should not consider improving the lighting. Rather, we recommend adding more security to your parking garage. By that, it means installing onsite security in your parking garage. It’s still the most effective strategy that can promote a safe environment. When the criminals see that security patrol guards are roaming the vicinity, they are not likely to commit crimes. Furthermore, your tenants will feel better because they know there are people they can report to if they see suspicious activities or if they have become a victim of a crime. 

Camera Installation 

Of course, security guards are just part of your strategy in safeguarding your parking garages. You also need to install CCTVs in various locations to record every move in the location. But there must be people monitoring the CCTVs 24/7. In that way, they can immediately alert the police or security patrol that something suspicious is going on in a certain area of the garage. You should also remind your tenants to lock their car doors before leaving. Reminding them to keep their valuables out of sight may help. Inform your tenants not to leave anything that has value in their car. If that’s not possible, they must ensure that they won’t leave it in plain sight. Should they leave their backpacks or bags, make sure that they are not out in the open. They should opt to secure them in rear storage. 

Quest security services

All of these things can help in preventing crimes. But are they enough to protect your visitors or tenants? There are still other things that you can do to safeguard the garage or your parking lot. But the most important part is to put skilled security guards on the scene. They can prevent loiters from entering the building. These security guards can also intervene or even stop a crime from happening. As a parking lot or garage owner, it’s your job to ensure that your tenants are comfortable and safe. 

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