Retail Security to Prevent Looting and Vandalism in Los Angeles

By now, you’ve probably read multiple stories about protesters looting businesses in Los Angeles. Damage has been caused to hundreds of retail stores all over the city. As a result, it’s important to start thinking about heightened security measures for your place of business. HillQuest Security offers retail security services in Los Angeles to protect your place of business during the looting. 

Open or Closed, HillQuest Security Delivers

HillQuest Security is ready to implement the measures needed in securing your store; whether your business is open or closed right now due to the coronavirus. If your store is closed and are concerned about damage to your storefront, let HillQuest Security put your mind at ease. If you are open, ensure the safety of you and your employees with security guards in or around your building. We are constantly updating our retail security measures as the world evolves. With spike in vandalism, now is an especially important time to protect your business at night when you aren’t there. Sleep easy knowing that there are HillQuest Security guards ensuring the safety of your building.  

Nobody Knows Your Retail Store Better Than You 

At HillQuest Security, we understand that nobody knows your retail business better than you. When it comes to retail security, the decisions are in your hands. First time reaching out to us? No problem! We’ll set up a time to discuss exactly what you’re looking for in a security company. There are a lot of variables in the safety of your business and your employees. Let us guide you along the way with our experience and professional opinion, although the decisions are ultimately yours.

Sought After Training from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services 

Retail Security is at the heart of HillQuest Security; our commitment to putting an end to shoplifting. Our highly trained professional security guards has an eye for spotting shoplifters. If granted permission by you, they can detain shoplifters. As we use preventative theft strategies, we are efficient in implementing sustainable methods for loss prevention. Our partnership with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) not only sets us apart from other security companies, but makes us more successful as well. We have put practice and strategies we learned from the BSIS is because they’ve proven time and time again to yield positive results. 

Spend your time away from your business feeling safe and secure. Retail security services in Los Angeles is always a necessity, but right now more than ever, you should be ensuring your business’ safety. Call HillQuest Security today at 1.888.925.8040