Riverside Security

Riverside Security Services for Your Business

If you live in the Riverside, CA area, you have plenty of Security Companies to choose between. There are plenty of options. Although, we are happy to be able to say that many Riverside business owners turn to us, HillQuest Security and Patrol. Because we cover their security needs. We also think that this is because we stand head and shoulders above the rest. HillQuest provides our clients with professional, top-of-the-line Riverside Security Services at a reasonable rate, as well as with amazing customer service built right in.

Business Security

Security is serious, and at HillQuest, we take our reputation as one of the best in Riverside security very seriously. HillQuest was founded by a former Marine officer who built the company on discipline, professionalism, and high-end training. Since it’s beginnings over 20 years ago, HillQuest has only hired the best security professionals with the most comprehensive training and backgrounds. Trained in military and security tactics, the HillQuest security team is fully equipped to protect any business from any threat. 

Protecting a business means more than just preventing theft, though that is an important part of the job. HillQuest also offers a range of business and commercial security services to help mitigate losses, keep employees and customers safe, and help to anticipate and prevent future security risks. Here are some of the services HillQuest Security and Patrol offers for our commercial clients: 

  • Bank security
  • Construction security
  • Disaster relief security
  • Healthcare security
  • Hospitality security
  • Parking security
  • Retail security
  • School security
  • Special event security
  • Security systems
  • Uniformed and plain-clothed guards
  • Executive security
  • Auto-theft prevention

Riverside Security

Loss Prevention

Besides the vast number of security personnel services we offer, HillQuest also specializes in loss and theft prevention. HillQuest works closely with your business, and they start by assigning a highly trained retail security team to your location. The company then works with you to analyze risks and theft activity in order to develop a customized loss and theft prevention plan. HillQuest uses undercover detection devices, mystery shoppers, and retail employee training tactics to help you reduce your number of losses and improve the overall safety of your employees and merchandise. 

Have you been looking for Riverside security services? Look no further! Give HillQuest Security and Patrol a call at (626) 544-6959 for a free consultation today!