Security Service in Los Angeles

Secure Your Parking Lot With a Security Service in Los Angeles

You should be doing more to protect your parking lot. This is especially true if you have guests and/or you are located in a high-risk area. If a few cars are broken into, then at best you have a PR disaster. At worst, your insurance rates are going to go up and people will start suing you. You would be surprised how much you can do to secure your parking lot. To start with, you should hire a security service in Los Angeles. Here are a few other things you should do to secure your parking lot.

Managing The Door

Some may suggest you only have an entrance that doesn’t allow trucks or tall vehicles. You can achieve this with the door. Such as by having your security team leave one door open and one closed. There are also guard rails you can put at a certain height where only the security team can remove the guard to let taller vehicles inside. If you stop trucks from being able to easily access the location, then you stop bike thefts and you stop people towing away trucks that don’t belong to them. You may also stop robberies because the thieves have to find a new place to park their removal vehicle.

Security Lighting and Security Guards

There are lights that come on when people walk past them. These are handy on their own because they deter thieves from walking around because they feel very exposed. The lights are also good if you have a security team on location because they highlight where people are moving. It gives the security guards a place to look when they suspect intruders. In general, you should have your parking lot very well-lit. This makes it more difficult for thieves to steal things from cars and makes it more difficult for them to break into cars undetected. It also helps to stop people from getting attacked in the dark as they enter their cars.

Have CCTV Systems

Modern CCTV systems are very good and very cheap. As a result, you can set up a lot of them. If you have a security team, then have them run their patrols, but also give them access to the cameras. The cameras are always recording, and work as great tools for security guards who want to quickly take a look around the place before they patrol. This is especially good if you have motion-activated lights because it is very obvious on the CCTV screens when a light is activated. 

Security Service in Los Angeles

Hire a Good and Reliable Security Team

The larger your parking lot, the higher the value of the vehicles, then the more stuff you should employ. If you are looking for a security service in Los Angeles, then consider a long-established company like Hillcrest Security and Patrol. When you opt for a company that has been around a while, you know you are getting good service. This is because the security services industry doesn’t tolerate poor performers for very long. If they have been in business for a while, then it is guaranteed that they are doing something right and you can trust them.