Security Companies in Los Angeles

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Something you never want to play around with is your safety and security. Home and business owners throughout Los Angeles have the difficult job of maintaining the safety of their properties, employees, customers, and family members, but without the right tools, this job can be near impossible. Theft, vandalism, trespassing, and other invasions of privacy are completely preventable, but without the know-how and experience, most people simply don’t know where to start. 

At HillQuest Security and Patrol, we have been providing Los Angeles home and business owners with high-quality security for more than 20 years. Our team of experienced, licensed and trained professional security associates have the skills necessary to help you secure the safety of your property, and are on call 24/7 in case of an emergency. 

Security Guards

Posting a qualified security guard outside your home, business, or property is an excellent method of dissuading unlawful activity. Even a brief security presence can increase the security of your property or business, and with the option to have guards on-duty any time of day, HillQuest makes it easy to put the message out that you are paying attention. 

Security Companies in Los Angeles

When you hire a security guard from HillQuest Security and Patrol, you get more than a glorified babysitter wearing a badge. Our team all come from professional security and safety backgrounds, typically coming to us as retired military, police, or security professionals. Our team can wear plain clothes to act as undercover security in retail and other public situations or can be dressed in uniform to send a message that your property is secure and monitored. 

Security Systems

Another of the ways HillQuest Security and Patrol can help you maintain the security of your property any time of day or night is with the use of one of our high-quality security systems. Created to detect and promptly alert the proper parties of unwanted entry to your facility, the alarm systems provided by HillQuest are of the best and most reliable quality. Once installed, your security system will be linked directly to our team, and our team of security associates can be at your location in minutes should an emergency arise. 

Mobile Patrol

If you need a security presence and want to give the impression of round the clock security, mobile patrol might be a great solution for you. Our dedicated fleet of patrol vehicles can make regular rounds to your property, driving past, stopping in, or regularly making checks to vital doors and locks to ensure the utmost security is met. 


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