Security Companies in Orange County

Security Companies in Orange County You Can Trust

In a world full of uncertainty, one thing should be certain: your security. Life is full of unexpected challenges and incidents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. Do you live in California? Then you have had an incredible security company with decades of professional experience right under your nose. HillQuest Security and Patrol is one of the best security companies in Orange County, and a company you can trust with all of your security needs. 

The HillQuest Guarantee

HillQuest was founded by a Marine Officer intent on offering high-quality professional protection to everyday people. Also executives, celebrities, and properties throughout the nation. Since its start over 20 years ago, HillQuest Security and Patrol has continued to hire security professionals with a variety of backgrounds in both security and military operations. The security teams at HillQuest are the best of the best, and exactly the people you want on your side in an emergency. 

When you choose HillQuest for your security services, you are assigned a dedicated team with a committed team leader to organize and execute your security needs. All members of the HillQuest team have been fully vetted, are licensed, and have worked in the security industry for many years. HillQuest’s $5 million insurance policy combined with their incredible team of security professionals should put your mind at ease and you can rest assured you and your property are safe. 

Commercial Security

If you need a commercial security company to help protect you and your business in Orange County, CA, then HillQuest has exactly what you need. HillQuest works closely with business owners and local law enforcement. By doing so, they improve and establish security measures to make your commercial security as reliable as possible. They train and work with staff, employees, and business professionals to develop security plans. Besides offering tons of commercial security services, including: 

  • Bank security
  • Construction site security
  • Healthcare security
  • Hotel security
  • Parking service security
  • Retail security and theft prevention
  • Security systems
  • Uniformed and plain-clothed guards

Security Companies in Orange County

Residential Security

If you live in Orange County and are in need of a residential security system, regular patrols, or personal protection, then put your trust in HillQuest. HillQuest provides executive/personal protection. Installs and monitors home security systems. Also, they can even supply regular mobile patrols so someone is always keeping an eye on your home or property. HillQuest can help you keep your home, family, and memories safe so you never have to worry. 

Call (626) 544-6959 for a free consultation with one of HillQuest Security and Patrol’s security professionals. We answer the phones 24/7 so you always have someone to call when you need security.