There are many security companies in Orange County, but there’s only one HillQuest Security. Our trained, licensed expert security officers can handle any and all of your security needs. No matter what kind of location, asset or person you need to be secured, our professionals can make sure that it’s safe. Moreover, we can do that any time of day as well. Should you need your bank secured very late at night or your school very early in the morning, the security pros at HillQuest Security have your back.

Security Companies in Orange County for Commercial and Residential Properties

Your home should be your castle. It’s the place in the world where you will spend the majority of your time. When you’re there, you want to be able to relax, unwind and renew. Additionally, it’s where your family will spend most of their time, too – the most important people in your life. When someone threatens your home, you need more than amateurs. That’s where HillQuest Security excels. We can secure your residential location so that you never have to worry about something harming your family at home.  Our security experts can make your house feel like home again.

Trained Experts

Before any of our security officers protect our clients, they have to go through the most rigorous vetting process there is. First, we look at their background. With a background check that leaves no stone unturned, we typically tend to bring in ex-military and law enforcement professionals. On top of that, we check their references and government E-verify check, too. When you contact HillQuest Security, you expect to get the best of the best in terms of security, and we use our vetting process accordingly.

All of that vetting is only the first step. From there, they have to go through our one of a kind security officer training. The ones that pass with the highest marks are the ones who have the honor of being HillQuest Security officers. Then and only then do we allow them to protect our clients in their homes and elsewhere. Vetting and training is just one part of how we give our clients the best in terms of security. We’re bonded and insured by the state as well. We carry a five million dollar general liability insurance policy as well as a three million dollar works compensation insurance policy. On top of that, we offer a full refund if you don’t find our security to your satisfaction. Simply put, we believe in what we do.

Customized Security Solutions

The security one client needs is entirely different than what another one needs. A school is not secured in the same ways as a hospital, and vice versa. So, to provide our clients with the security they desire, we customize our security programs to each of our clients. As there’s no “one size fits all” in security, you deserve security solutions that are just that: solutions for your needs. So, when you contact us at HillQuest Security, we’ll figure out how our professionals can best fit what you’re looking for.

Home Security Companies in Orange County Ca

Security Team

When you hire HillQuest Security, we make sure that you only get the best service. See, we don’t stop watching over our guards once they’ve passed through all of our tests. Indeed, while they’re on your job, we use a technology called “Eagle Eye.” It monitors our officers while they’re on duty, to make sure they’re doing the job to the high standards of HillQuest Security. On top of that, we also use Eagle Eye to provide you reports, so that you know the true story about your security.

A-list celebrities have more threats against them than perhaps any other group of people. That’s why it’s an honor and a responsibility when they turn to us at HillQuest Security. We’ve provided the superstars from all different kinds of fields with the kind of security that allows them to live their lives. Whether they’re headed to the biggest red carpet premiere or just looking to relax with friends and family, HillQuest Security makes sure that they’re safe and secure.

We don’t just provide those services to the A-list – we can do the same for you and your family, too. When you need to stay safe, when you need someone by your side, HillQuest Security can be there. Our professionals can be visible, or they can blend completely into the woodwork – whatever you need them to be. Of course, when the time comes to neutralize or de-escalate threats, they’ll be there. Banks, construction sites, school, hotels, stores and more – when you need the best in Orange County security, accept no substitutes. Our cost-effective security solutions can make sure that you’re completely secure for less. To see all of our options and speak to a pro, call us at (888) 925-8040.