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Security Guard Services in Los Angeles for the Upcoming Tourist Season

At HillQuest Security, we’re proud of the efforts the state of California has made to keep it’s citizens safe and healthy throughout the pandemic. However, we do know that as restaurants, hotels, bars, and more begin to open back up and attract tourists again, security guard services in Los Angeles will absolutely be needed as we navigate this transition. HillQuest Security can dispatch highly trained and experienced guards to your establishment whenever you need us.

Call Us Before You Need Us- HillQuest Security is Open 24/7

While we absolutely will dispatch one of our guards to your location at any time, it’s best to call us before you need us. We believe in a “better safe than sorry” approach when it comes to the upcoming tourist season here in Los Angeles. Rather than waiting for the inevitable flood of rowdy tourists that come around every Spring break, get ahead of them and their antics with security guard services in Los Angeles

One of the most important parts of security during spring break season is keeping underage drinkers out of your restaurant or bar. HillQuest Security guards not only protect the entrances to your establishment, they’re also trained to identify fake I.D. cards. Fake I.D. cards are getting harder and harder to differentiate from every year which is why our guards go through specific training sessions to spot the differences. We know just how detrimental an underage drinker can be to your business. You could lose your liquor license, be held liable for their injuries in your establishment, and even be shut down. The pandemic has already been hard enough on you and your business; there’s no reason to not let the professionals at HillQuest take over your security measures. 

Hotel Security in Los Angeles

Just like restaurants and bars, hotels need heightened security measures for this upcoming tourist season during the pandemic. People are eager to get back to pre-pandemic life and are certainly going to try and take advantage of it during their vacations in Los Angeles. From slipping their masks below their nose to gathering in groups, most people are going to push their limits to see how loose your hotel restrictions are. Rather than adding more stress to your receptionists’ workdays, hire professional security guard services in Los Angeles to enforce pandemic and non-pandemic related rules and restrictions at your establishment. You won’t believe how much easier your workday will be when you take out the stress of enforcing pandemic-related measures with your guests. 

The upcoming tourist season and all its antics are near so call HillQuest Security today to learn about your options for security measures in Los Angeles.