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Security Guards in Orange County: Awesome Things You Can Learn Before Hiring a Guard

Security guards in Orange County play a vital part in protecting lives and preserving peace. They don’t just protect places but they are there to prevent anything from endangering people’s lives. 


Famous people hire our security guards because they know that we carry out a thorough background check before we hire our guards. 


If you are planning to hire a security guard for whatever reason, you must first know the responsibilities of a guard. 


What are the Responsibilities of Security Guards in Orange County? 


Respond to Emergency Situations 

Security guards are known to guard a post to prevent unauthorized people from entering a building. However, what you don’t know is that they are also trained to do first-aid. 


During emergency situations, they can provide first-aid services that can be vital to the patient’s life-and-death situation. 


Not only that but they can also prevent injuries. They can also step in quickly before anything can turn into a disaster. 


Admin Support 

Apart from protecting your employees, clients, and the building, the security guards that you hire from Hillquest Security can take on administrative duties. 


For instance, if you’re understaffed for whatever reason, our security guards can answer phones, screen calls, or take messages from anyone. 


They’re also trained to be a liaison between the management team and the law enforcement and other safety officials. They can facilitate talks on your behalf. 


Customer Support 

Security guards aren’t just trained to protect clients and employees. But they’re also trained to be professional all the time. 


They know how to interact properly with your employees and clients. Your clients can ask them directions when they visit your office or assist them in going to their cars. 


These security guards will make sure that the people around them are at ease. In other words, they bring a sense of calm to your organization. 


You may also hire our unarmed security offers for your large events. Unarmed guards are vital to support law enforcement by helping them in controlling traffic and crowd. 

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Warehouse Security 

We also have security guards who are focused on protecting warehouses and preventing thieves from getting access to your storage facilities. They specialized in access control, monitoring, and loss prevention. 


It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or large. Hiring security guards will ensure that your assets are protected. They will make sure that no one can access your secure areas. 


If someone would want to access by force, they can defend themselves and your facility. They are trained to prevent criminals from attacking your facility or preventing anyone from harming your employees and clients. 


There are various instances that security guards have stopped shootings. 


Security guards are vital to any establishments or business. Don’t make hiring a team of security guards an afterthought. 


If you’re not sure what type of security guards in Orange County you wish to hire, please give us a call at (888) 925-8040. Our company specializes in commercial security services. If you need one of our services, please don’t hesitate to call us.