High-quality assets require high-quality security guards in Riverside CA. Should you be worried about any threats, you need professional security guards who can deter or neutralize them. That’s where HillQuest Security comes in. Backed by years of experience, we can make sure that your person and your valuables stay safe and secure in any scenario. We only hire the best, so when you hire us, you can rest assured you’re getting security officers who can get the job done right.

Your Security

We can tailor our security to your specific needs. That’s just part of what makes our security guards better than the rest. For example, we can put our security guards in or out of uniform, depending on what you’re looking. Whether you need someone to help with loss prevention at your retail location, or you need someone to protect your hospitality center all day and night or anything in between, HillQuest Security has expert-level professionals who have been doing this for years. We don’t just provide security; we provide peace of mind as well.

Training and Background

We know that there are some security guard companies that believe it’s enough to send out security guards who have taken a course. That’s not what happens when you hire HillQuest Security. Our professionals are just that: experienced professionals. Typically, we hire ex-military and police officers, so they’ve dealt with high pressure, high stakes situations before. Now, they can put that experience to work for your security. When you have top-level officers watching over you, it can keep you safer and secure than ever before.

Commercial Solutions

Just as no two companies or people are the same, neither are any two security jobs. That’s why we perfectly customize our services to what you’re looking for. To use an example, if you hire us to watch over your commercial retail location, we can utilize our team in a variety of ways. We can have them watching the parking perimeters, to make sure that the parking lot is as secure as the rest of the store is. That’s just one of the many ways that we can prevent auto theft for good. Our retail theft prevention services have no equal, so you don’t have to worry about your bottom line. Whether you want our guards in plain-clothes or uniform, we make sure that they keep your local safe.

Our guards can even work as mystery shoppers, so as to get the low down on exactly what’s going on in your commercial locations at all times. Undercover detection services are another specialty of ours so that we can figure out of there are any threats to your location and then respond swiftly and appropriately. Our preparation is informed by risk analysis strategies. These aren’t just “guesses,” they’re backed by years of training and experience. Fraud, shoplifting, and other similar crimes can be virtually eliminated from your store. Security is too important to be left to someone who’s just learning on the job.


Of course, guarding locations is just one of our services. We also excel at guarding people. Bodyguards from HillQuest Security are renowned for guarding some of the largest stars in the world. When you’re famous, everyone wants to be around you – even people who shouldn’t. That’s where HillQuest Security excels: we guard celebrities as visibly or as invisible as they want. When they want us to make our presence known, we will. However, when they want us to fade into the background so that they can enjoy themselves, our trained professionals can disappear until they are needed.

Those bodyguard services aren’t extended to just celebrities. You may not be a world famous movie star, but if you need security, we’ve got you covered. Our experts know how to make sure that VIPs and their loved ones travel in comfort and safety throughout the area. The last thing you should ever have to worry about is harm to your person or your valuables. At HillQuest Security, we take great pride in providing our customers with a level of security that meets the highest standards: the ones we set for ourselves.

More than Just Security Guards in Riverside CA

Security is critically important, but we also know it’s not your only expense. People who don’t make millions of dollars a year need security, too. That’s why at HillQuest Security we offer cost-effective rates. When you hire HillQuest Security pros, you’re always getting the highest quality of services that we offer. Each of our guards is required to constantly check in and out with a dispatcher so that we can keep an eye on them as well as you. By employing our HillQuest Security team, we can keep you safer than ever before. See how we do so by giving us a call at (888) 925-8040.