Not all security guards in Orange County are created equal. Some may have fancy uniforms and snazzy slogans, but when you need security, you need someone who’s provided it before. That’s HillQuest Security. Our security professionals can wear snappy uniforms if you’d like, but we can do our job in plain-clothes, too. We can protect a wide variety of assets, locations and more in the Orange County area. No matter what kind of security you need or what you need protected, you can find the solutions at HillQuest Security.

HillQuest Security Guards in Orange County

Imagine: you’ve been planning a big event for months. This isn’t just a great night out; it’s a culmination of a long period of work. The stakes are high, and everything has to be perfect. However, before the event begins, you receive a threat. That’s when it’s time to bring in HillQuest Security. Our special event security professionals can keep you and yours safe no matter how the event goes. As our pros have years of experience, we can find and neutralize threats before they cause you any problems. Your special events are just that: special. They should be treated as such. HillQuest Security can handle the security so that you can focus solely on your event.

Security Anywhere

Our security solutions are available 24/7/365. Thieves and criminals don’t take days off, they don’t rest on holidays. So, neither do we. Our security professionals can guard your person and your assets whenever they need to be guarded. Should you require top-flight security in the middle of the afternoon, we can do that – but we can also make sure that you’re protected in the wee hours of the night as well. You never know when threats are going to strike. HillQuest Security can be prepared to keep you safe whenever anything does.

Security for Any Situation

No matter the kind of location or assets you need to be protected, you can find the answer here at HillQuest Security. Have a problem with vehicle theft or other concerns at your parking lot? Our parking services security makes sure that no one comes in or out of your parking area unless they’re 100% on the up and up. Do you require someone to keep your employees, assets, and guests safe at your hospitality establishment? HillQuest Security has a proven track record of helping hotels and other business establishments to function smoothly.

Schools require a delicate touch when it comes to security. Here at HillQuest Security, we can keep schools safe from any threats, internal or external. The safety of your children is too important to be left to someone who’s just “learning on the job.” Speaking of protecting vulnerable loved ones, HillQuest Security protects many clients in the healthcare sector. Hospitals are particularly vulnerable, as are the people inside them. With HillQuest Security on the job, medical professionals can turn their attention away from security and towards what matters most: healing the ill.

In the current economy, no retail store can afford to have items stolen from their store. At HillQuest Security, we have a bevy of solutions to boost your loss prevention. Banks can’t afford to be robbed, as it can harm their entire business model. With HillQuest Security on the case, banks (as well as the people and money inside them) stay safe and secure. Construction sites can be high-value targets for thieves day or night. That’s why our trained pros can make sure they’re secure at all times.

Security Guard Company Orange County

Bodyguards and Beyond

Sometimes, you need security solutions, not for a location, but a person. The most recognizable faces and bodies in the world trust HillQuest Security to keep them safe. Our roster of A-list clients reads like a who’s who of Hollywood and show business. However, while the stars like living the big life, our security officers can blend into the background, only making their presence known when they have to. Of course, when there’s even the slightest hint of a threat, our trained pros roar into action, de-escalating and neutralizing any potential threat in no time. All of the same services that we provide to the A-list of Hollywood we can do for you and your family.

At HillQuest Security, we hire almost exclusively ex-military and law enforcement pros. That way, we get people who have been there and done it before. On top of that, we put them through some of the most rigorous training in the industry. By making sure that they’re up to date on the latest in methods and technology, we make sure that they can provide the best security services anywhere in Orange County. To figure out a cost-effective way to give you the security you need, contact HillQuest Security by going through our site or calling us at (888) 925-8040.