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Security Patrol in Los Angeles: Things You Must Know Before Signing the Contract

It’s a challenging task to choose the right security patrol in Los Angeles. Before you decide to sign the contract with the security guard company, you must first know whether or not the company is licensed and insured? 


Security Patrol in Los Angeles Must Have a License and Insurance 

In LA, you can’t operate a security guard company without a license. However, some companies are operating without a valid license. 


Make sure that the company you wish to hire has a PPO license. It must also hold liability insurance. 


Without those two things, the company is operating illegally. If you hire them, you’ll be liable if anything happens to their security guards. 


You also can’t file a coverage if your insurance company finds out that the security guards you hire are unlicensed. 


But these aren’t the only things you need to look for when finding the right security guard company. 


Training of the Security Guards

Security guards in LA need to undergo 40 hours of training before they can get the license. They also have to go through continuous training per year. 


When interviewing a security guard company, ask for the training certificates of their security guards. They must possess all the licenses and certifications.


Now, if the company has all these requirements, the next thing you must find out is the service it offers. 


Here at Hillquest Security Patrol, we offer different types of security guards. You can hire a foot patrol, vehicle patrol, and many others. 


Our guards underwent rigorous training on how to use the latest technologies to help them boost their performance as a guard. 


In that way, you don’t have to train them again just to ensure that they’ll protect your company. 


Another reason we’re the go-to security guard company in LA is that we can customize the needs of our clients. 


We understand that every client’s needs are different. We can customize the services to meet your goals. 


Before we can customize them, we need to assess your security risks. Once we obtain the right data, we can properly evaluate your security program and customize it for you. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Security Patrol in LA? 

Pricing may vary depending on the number of guards you need and the security risk you are facing. We understand that the overall cost of hiring security guards can play a role in hiring a company. 


That’s why we offer you affordable rates. Despite being cheap, we only offer high-quality services. 


We train our guards to use modern technology to increase their productivity, accountability, and efficiency. Furthermore, we only hire security guards with years of experience in the industry. 


In that case, you can be sure that they know how to protect you and your company. 


Consider our security patrol in Los Angeles if you want peace of mind. We’re a reliable security company that can meet your specific needs. Call us to talk about your security goals 1.888.925.8040.