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Security Patrol in Orange County: Why Choose a Security Company?

Adding a security team to your business is the most important step in taking the security of your business further. However, there are options you need to face when you hire a security patrol in Orange County. One of them is to choose between hiring in-house or opt for a security guard firm, like Hillquest Security. 


Each option has its own pros and cons. Also, the options have associated costs. However, working with a security guard company is more cost-effective. 


Payroll Taxes 

When you hire security guards in-house, you need to worry about their wages, benefits, and payroll taxes. They can cost a lot of money for your company. 


It’s one of the reasons many big companies in OC are opting for a third-party vendor. They have saved a lot of money by choosing an outside security guard supplier. 


There’s also the need to give your security guards vacation pay. That’s because if you choose in-house, the guards will be considered full-time employees. 


But with a security guard firm, this issue will be handled by the firm. You don’t have to deal with it. 


Furthermore, when hiring in-house, you need to search through every resume that comes your way. You also need to pay for advertising the job. And they will cost you a lot of money and time. 


Why not just contact a security guard firm that has a team of security guards that can be deployed immediately? 


By choosing our firm, there’s no need for you to advertise the job, interview people, and make a thorough background check. 


You can focus on your business. Just leave the security to the firm that specializes in it — Hillquest Security. 



Another reason you must choose an outside security guard vendor is that you don’t have to train the security guards. 


Although you still need to train the guards on how to handle their duties within your premises, you don’t have to train them to do their job as security guards. 


We will take all the costs of training our security guards. We will charge you the rate we have agreed to. 


Of course, you don’t have to pay for the right gear that the security guards will be using. It means that you don’t need to provide radios, batons, flashlights, and firearms. We’ll provide them for you. 


When you choose our security guards, they will arrive at your location fully equipped.


What’s the Overall Cost of Hiring Security Patrol in Orange County from a Security Guard Firm? 

It depends on the security services that you need. But it’s still lower than hiring security guards in-house. 


Contracting our firm to secure your business will let you choose a fixed rate for the security team. It means that it will be easier for you to choose your budget. 


But be careful in hiring security guards from a security guard firm. Make sure that the firm is a reputable one. In that way, the security patrol in Orange County to guard your business will protect your asset no matter what. Call us for more inquiries about our services: (888) 925-8040