security guard services in Los Angeles

Security to Enforce Social Distancing

Enforce Social Distancing on Your Property During COVID-19 

As the weeks of the pandemic continue to tick by, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to enforce social distancing as people start to get antsy and eager to get back to their normal routines. In Michigan, protestors of the social distancing measures have gathered at the State Capitol, causing themselves and those they come in contact with over the next two weeks greater risk of becoming infected. Even on a smaller scale, groups of teens continue to gather at various parks all over the nation. If you’ve noticed people gathering in large groups at a place you own and are determined to enforce social distancing laws in the L.A. area, it’s time to find security guard services in Los Angeles. 

security guard services in Los Angeles

Security Measures for Any Type of Asset

Whether you own a liquor store, property on the ocean, or anything else, HillQuest Security can ensure the protection of your assets during COVID-19. Our highly trained and experienced security guards in Los Angeles understand the importance of avoiding contact with others during these unusual times. They use sought-after skills to de-escalate any situation quickly and effectively. As the summer nears, it’s inevitable that more and more people will begin to gather in groups. While that is their personal decision, it’s not okay if it means liability on your end. Los Angeles is a large city that is a popular tourist destination, especially in the summer. If you own a business or piece of land in the area where people tend to congregate, it’s important to step up your security measures this summer to ensure everybody’s protection.

Limiting the Number of Customers in your Business 

HillQuest Security Guards can be hired to regulate the number of people let into your store at a time. If you own a smaller shop where it’s harder to maintain six feet of space, then it’s essential to hire a security guard company in Los Angeles to protect you and your customers. Because our security guards are polite and patient, they can quickly and effectively explain why customers must wait to be let into a store for their own protection. Many stores have already taken these measures using their own employees, unfortunately, unruly customers have gotten frustrated and tried to bypass the rules. In order to completely enforce the number of people let into your business at a time, hire HillQuest security guards and feel at ease during your hours of operation. 

24/7 Security for Your Property

If you need last-minute security services in Los Angeles for your property, HillQuest Security is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need security guards, mobile patrol, or a security system, HillQuest Security does it all. You can get back to resting easy at night knowing that our team is ensuring the safety and protection of your property.