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Steps to Take to Prevent Any Construction Site Theft

A construction site is full of heavy equipment and tools, which cost thousands to millions of dollars. It is one reason construction site theft is an epidemic. For that reason, a construction site owner should consider construction security in Los Angeles. Here are some ways to help you avoid becoming the next victim of construction site theft. 

What Can a Construction Security in Los Angeles Do to Avert Construction Theft? 

Securing Construction Site 

As mentioned, your construction site contains expensive equipment and tools. Having security guards in the area to monitor it 24/7 will help secure the site. Besides hiring security officers on your site, you should also make sure that the area is well-lit. It must have a fence with “no trespassing” signs. You should also lock up your materials and tools. And if you have cargo trailers, make sure to install tamper-resistant locks and chains. 

Installing Alarms and Other Security Systems 

Thieves stealing your front-end loader can greatly affect your bottom line. Hence, it is vital to secure it. You can remove batteries or wheels. Putting locks to immobilize controls can be useful. But don’t forget to use high-tech options, as well. For instance, you may install security cameras in a lot of areas. The security guards assigned to your site can monitor them and respond appropriately. And don’t forget to install GPS tracking devices on the equipment. 

Keeping Detailed Records 

Since 2000, many equipment manufacturers have already adopted a standard PIN system. The number is engraved on two locations of the equipment. This will easily identify the equipment in case someone stole it. But make sure to keep records of the numbers and capture photos of the equipment from various angles. The construction site officer will also guard the area where you keep your equipment records. The officer will guarantee that no unauthorized personnel can get inside the room. 

Registering the Equipment 

In addition to installing security guards on the site, you should also consider registering your equipment to companies that can help in recovering and returning your heavy equipment. By registering your equipment with these companies, they can provide the law enforcement that can help in recovering your stolen equipment. 

Enforcing Security Policy

Your employees and subcontractors can help the security guards to ensure that this won’t happen on the site. This is possible by establishing a theft prevention policy. But make sure that they know the rules and consequences if they steal. The policy must include rules about borrowing or using the tools on side jobs. You should have a zero-tolerance policy for offenders. You must tell your employees that they will be prosecuted if caught. 

Construction Security Los Angeles

Protecting Your Site 

These steps will not always guarantee that your construction site is safe from thieves. But they can lower the risk of construction theft. Having construction security in Los Angeles can improve the safety and security of your heavy and expensive equipment and tools. Call us here to know how we can help your business: 1 (888) 925-8040.