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Stopping Package Thefts in Residential Condominiums

The pandemic has increased the popularity of eCommerce. As a result, apartment and condo buildings are receiving hundreds of packages daily. Unfortunately, many residents report package theft. As a building owner, you have the responsibility to protect, not just the occupants but also their possessions. If package theft has become common in your building, it’s time to act now. Call one of the security companies in Miami today to find out how to stop this crime.

Security Companies in Miami to Stop and Prevent Package Theft

Package theft is getting more alarming. According to the New York Times, “About 15 percent of all deliveries in urban areas fail to reach customers on the first attempt because of package theft and other issues, like deliveries to the wrong house, according to transportation experts.” As a building owner, you can protect your residents’ packages from being stolen by deploying security guards.

Security Companies in Miami

Security Guards to Protect Packages at Peak Times

You may have installed video surveillance in your residential condominiums. However, in most cases, they are not enough to deter thieves from stealing your residents’ packages. You can choose to deploy a guard to keep the packages safe. This is especially useful if the packages are typically left on tables or the floor outside a unit. Although it’s expensive to hire security guards, it may be necessary in your case.

Build a Package Locker

Apart from deploying security guards in your condominiums, you may also provide your residents with package lockers. To retrieve the package, the residents will put the key in the mail slot after using it.

Have a Package Room

This is another method of preventing package theft. It’s a secure room where couriers can drop off packages safely until the resident returns home and retrieve the package. But this method requires setting up a video intercom outside the room and the courier will have to enter a code to gain entry into the room. The packages are left on the shelves and the recipients are notified on their phones that the parcel has been delivered. However, this may not be ideal if your building has not enough room to spare for this package storage room.

Community Security Guards

If you’re the president of your building, you may consider talking to the residents about hiring security guards to safeguard the entry/exit points of the building. Security guards won’t only check who’s coming and leaving the building but they can also patrol the entire area. They can reassure the residents that no thieves will steal their packages.

What Security Services Needed?

Every residential building has its own security needs. Hence, it’s vital to talk to experts to evaluate your situation and determine the kind of security services it needs. Hillquest Security is one of the reputable security companies in Miami that can help you find a solution that fits your property. Talk to us today at 1 (888) 925-8040.