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Ways to Improve Hospital Security with Security Services

Threats are everywhere in Miami and the rest of the country. Businesses, organizations, and institutions are guarding their assets to lower their risks. Hospitals are prone to threats. Hence, the management needs to prepare the facility for any type of emergency. One of the ways to protect the hospital is to implement all security services…

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Are There Benefits of Hiring an Ex-Police Officer as Your Security Guard?

Are you planning to hire a Miami security company to act as your security guard on your property or as a personal bodyguard? If you are, then your better option is to opt for ex-police officers. They are highly trained with years of experience in dealing with criminals. What are the Benefits of a Miami…

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Commercial Security Service Miami

Are Security Guards Law Enforcement?

Security guards are not law enforcement. However, many armed guards from a commercial security service in Miami are ex-law enforcement officers. Thus, they have the expertise in handling weapons and violent conflict. Even though they are ex-police officers, they don’t have the powers of a police officer. Rather, they are agents of the owner with…

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Why All Security Services in Miami Should Wear Uniforms

A security detail is usually easy to pick out from the crowd because of what they’re wearing. What you may not know is that sometimes these individuals aren’t wearing a uniform and are blending in. So how are you supposed to know who to go to if you need help? There are many reasons why…

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Hotel Security Guard Services in Miami

A Higher Volume of Travelers Requires Security Guard Services in Miami Right now, Florida is the epicenter of the U.S. for vacationing during the pandemic. Everyone is pouring in from the cold states or just states that have strict lockdown restrictions to be in the warm sun where restrictions are at a minimum. While we…

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Asset Protection Services in Miami

Asset protection broadly defines the security of your property and possessions. This could be residential property, commercial business, storage units, and more. No matter what you’re looking to secure, HillQuest Security has experience in all types of asset protection in Miami.  Construction Security Services The city of Miami is ever-expanding and with that comes a…

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