Wiellis D. Hannks

"I don’t usually write any reviews but this time this company earns 5 stars from me. HillQuest Security is definitely one I would recommend to anyone who needs Security services."

Jacob Magnus

"HillQuest Security was very helpful assisting us with the protest yesterday. Security officer Johan made sure the protesters stayed off our hotel. Thank you"

william jones

"HillQuest Security and Patrol is a very well managed business. We have their services at our condo. Guards are always in uniform and polite. The owners and managers are always a phone call away to assist with any issues and they make our Homeowners association a priority. Thank you."

Kathrine James

"I own 3 warehouses in compton, for the past few months despite having Security cameras in the building people still managed to break into the back entrance and steal our properties. I called the police they simply made a report and nothing happened one of the officers suggest that I hire a private security firm. I called HillQuest Security and they were quick to help. And their price was very reasonable compare to other companies I spoke"

John Cole

"Hands down best company to work with. They have friendly and professional staff/supervisors. Recently, our property management company hired HillQuest Security, since then the guards have completely controlled the homeless and parking issues in our housing community. I have found them to be responsive, reliable, professional, friendly, and altogether excellent"

Chris Martin

"These guys patrol my apartment complex at least once a day. I usually see them walking around the common areas or driving around the building in their patrol cars. They are always professional, alert and respectful. Thank you!"

Victor Rosta

"I hosted a small-medium trade show at a local l.a. hotel. I hired a very professional group from Hillquest to do security. They did a great gob throughout the event. Thanks!"

Ashley Ramon

"HillQuest really have some very professional and well disciplined guards. The two security guards who came to secure the exhibit space overnight were excellent! We will definitely use them for all future security needs!"

Adam Mars

"I've been with a previous Security firm which for obvious reasons I'm not allowed to display their name. I've signed a 2 years contract with them. In the beginning everything was going well until 6 months ago the guards started to show up as they're pleased. I contacted the manager and he keeps bargaining me with empty promises. So I decided to look into to a different Security firm. My friend recommended HillQuest Security, I was a little reluctant at first but since she says she's been with them for over a year I took her word for it and gave them a shot. Honestly it's one of the best decision I've made, it's been 8 months not a single time have I had any problems with this company. They really do their best to keep my business safe which in turn make me happy. And I'm not a easily happy. Which is why I decided to leave this comment. Thank you Lewis for your all your help"

zabrina lopez

"Such a great service! My parents were hosting a party and we needed to find a security service. They left me in charge of selecting one. Good things I found Hillquest because my parents were so happy with my decision. They were very professional and on-time. They did everything we asked for and more! Also, they were in our price range, which ended up being less than what we expected. I highly recommend them!"

Nadine Robertson

"We hired HillQuest Security for one of our properties in Los Angeles.Three times a night and a couple lock-ups throughout the night.The team from HillQuest has done an amazing job and I can honestly say since we have used their services no more break-ins.We love what they are doing for us and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of security services."

"I've been dealing with HillQuest Security and Patrol for little over a year.They take care of several of my locations and have to say kudos to them and there staff for all there professionalism.One of my locations had multiple issues before I signed up with Hillquest. I met with their team, discussed a plan and they were able to secure my property. They are always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty and they treat my properties like their own. If you have security needs HillQuest Security is the right place to use."

"This company has protected my building complex for a little under a year and they have been the absolute best. Once a burglar got into the parking and tried to steal from the cars, they were so quick to get me informed and we got the man arrested. Then at a private event, they sent 5 wonderful guards who did their job better than expected. Definitely recommended to everyone."


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