armed guard services in Riverside

The Importance of Hiring Certified Armed Security Guards

Opting for armed guard services in Riverside may be necessary for your business. But you need to make sure that the company you want to use only hires certified armed security guards. It means that the guards are licensed to carry a gun. 

But why is it necessary to hire certified armed security? 

Choose Only Certified Armed Guard Services in Riverside

Have you heard of the recent incident involving a security guard hired to protect a business in Portland? Unfortunately, the guard wasn’t certified to carry a gun while on the job. 

The guards on duty at that time were said to be caustic and callous. 

armed guard services in Riverside

Gun Licensing

Gun licensing has been proven to lower gun violence and trafficking. It also ensures that guns are only used by responsible guards. 

The security guards who are licensed to carry a gun have undergone thorough training on how to properly use firearms. They completed a safety training course and safety tests that show that the licensed individual knows how to safely load, fire, and store a gun. 


But guards without any firearms training and certificate can be tragic. They didn’t undergo the right training to help them determine when to shoot a person. Just because a person is acting ominous, it doesn’t mean that the guard must shoot that individual. That weird person could have psychotic behavior. And it’s one reason security guards who are licensed to carry guns are required to undergo a mental health examination. 

The mental test will provide critical information to judge whether a security guard is reckless or not. Not all security guards are licensed to carry guns. But if you want to hire armed security guards, you need to make sure that the guards are fully licensed. 

Security guards who undergo continuous training know how to do their jobs without having to resort to violence or break regulations. They know how to act properly while on the job to deter crime. 

Hillquest Security Training 

The armed security guards that we provide are all trained to meet the state requirements. We regularly perform a federal criminal background check and mental health examination. When we check our guard applicants, we ensure that they didn’t have a history of drug abuse or exhibit mental health problems. Our guards at Hillquest Security are allowed by the court to possess and carry guns. We won’t allow our guards to work with us if they have domestic violence-related convictions or restraining orders. 

Hillquest Security understands that armed guards may carry the risk of violence. But there are special instances that armed guards are necessary to protect the people. We are confident that our armed security guards will only use their firearms when it’s necessary. In other words, our armed security guards at Hillquest are all reliable, attentive, and always ready to act swiftly without resorting to violence. 

Even though they say that hiring armed security guards can increase the risk of violence, they might be necessary in your case. To find out whether or not you need armed guard services in Riverside, please consult our security guard company here: 1.888.925.8040.