Security patrol services in Orange County

The Most Effective Security Patrol Guards Use These Pieces of Equipment

Security patrol services in Orange County have two purposes. The guards are there to protect people or property. They are also required to report any incidents to their customers. For these purposes, they aim to keep workplaces, banks, shopping malls, and other businesses safe from any criminal activities. But how can they protect themselves while patrolling your property? Some of the guards at HillQuest Security are working low-threat shifts. But others do engage in dangerous patrols. 

For that reason, the security patrol team is required to wear the following equipment and accessories to defend themselves while protecting your building or property. 

Security Patrol Services in Orange County Require Guards to Wear Armored Vests 

Whether the guards are protecting high-risk or low-risk property, HillQuest Security management requires them to wear armored vests. Armored gear is essential for each guard. It offers the difference in various dangerous situations. Keep in mind that the rates of guard casualties are increasing

We invest in high-quality vests to protect our officers from violent incidents, such as stabbings and gunshots. The vest depends on the type of patrolling the guard needs. If it’s in a high-risk environment, armor-piercing ballistic protection is necessary. A mall guard, however, only needs a stab-proof vest. But no matter what type of vest the guard is wearing, it still offers a certain level of safety to help them respond to threats more effectively. 

The Right Footwear 

Security patrol guards at HillQuest Security wear heavy-duty boots. They are a vital part of any defensive position. Since they are sometimes on their feet, they must wear a pair of shoes that are comfortable for all-day use. Light and flexibility are necessary so guards can easily move from site to site. However, some guards choose boots with ankle protection.

We don’t advise our security patrol guards to use cheap pairs of boots. Instead, we require them to use durable footwear so they can carry out their duties properly. 

Security patrol services in Orange County

Special Torch 

A high-quality torch is vital for security guards patrolling your property. A heavy-duty flashlight will ensure that guards can keep checking around the property at all times. Torch is necessary not just to boost vision at night but it has been proven to be an effective, useful self-defense tool. 

For that reason, you will find the guards to be carrying security torches even during the day. 

Do Security Patrol Guards Use Mobile Phones While on Duty? 

Smartphones are necessary. But of course, the guards at HillQuest Security are trained to only use their mobile phones for work. In that case, they are prohibited from using their smartphones browsing their social media accounts while on duty. Some people think that mobile phones aren’t necessary when they are on duty as they can just use a two-way radio. But you must remember that a walkie-talkie is only for short-distance communication. 

That’s why we provide our guards with company phones to communicate with their team instantly and more effectively. 

Improve Patrolling in Your Property 

When it comes to finding security patrol services in Orange County, you need the best in the industry. This is where HillQuest Security comes in. Call us for consultation at +1 (888) 925-8040.