Security Companies in Los Angeles

The Need to Hire Foot Patrol Security Guards

Security companies in Los Angeles offer a variety of services. But not all of them offer foot patrol. Many companies seek this type of service because they want to fully protect their premises. Perhaps, their businesses are located in areas where crime rates are high. Or they have a complex building that requires 24/7 security. They may have cameras installed in critical areas but the cameras can’t do what security guards can.

What is the Purpose of Hiring Foot Patrol Security Companies in Los Angeles?

The purpose of having a foot patrol in your establishment can change within a single shift. The guards may focus on the breaches of the property because of an intruder. According to this report, “On March 9, the city of Los Angeles recorded its single-highest daily count of trespassing calls since June 2015.” Trespassing is common in LA. If your LA property doesn’t have enough security patrol teams, you may be the next victim of those trespassers.

Security Companies in Los Angeles

What are the Methods Used to Patrol the Area?

Foot Patrol

It’s the most common method to monitor the area. As the term suggests, the security team will monitor the area on foot. It allows the guards to access the site more closely. When the guards walk through a site, it allows them to find potential security incidents. They may discover something that the camera has missed. For instance, they may find jammed doors or open windows. They may even find that the area is flooding. The foot patrol guard can check them all and carry out the necessary solutions.

Vehicle Patrol

This is necessary if the area you want to secure is wide. If you need to cover a huge amount of ground within a short period, vehicles are needed to monitor the vicinity. In addition to the use of vehicles, guards can also use bicycles or golf carts. Whatever mode of transportation is available, they are going to use it to patrol the area.

Does Your Business Need Patrol Security Services?

Security patrol services are more common in residential properties. However, more industries are investing in them because of the rising crime rates. Construction sites, hotels, and farming sites are using this type of service to protect their property. Even event managers need this type of service because of the large venue they manage.

Why Invest in a Patrol Service?

You’ll never know what’s going to happen to your property. Security guards can monitor and prevent criminal activities as they walk from one area to another. Keep in mind that the investment you made from hiring security foot patrols is just nothing compared to the loss your business will experience if bad actors steal something from you.

Many security companies in Los Angeles don’t offer security foot patrol, though. If you need this type of service, please consult our company today at (888) 925-8040.