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The Things You Don’t Know About Health Care Security

The healthcare industry requires strict security requirements. That’s why it is pertinent for hospitals, clinics, and other offices in this industry to take security seriously. If you own a healthcare business, you should consider a commercial security service in Los Angeles. It protects your business from any intruder. What are the other things you need to know? 

Commercial Security Service in Los Angeles for the Healthcare Industry 

When you choose Hillquest Security for your security guards, our representative will visit your site and inspect it. This will help us know the layout and foot traffic so we can provide you with proper services and a sufficient number of security guards. 

Do You Know Security Guards in the Emergency Department? 

Yes. The reason for this is that patients visiting ER are very emotional. It is vital that they feel calmer. the presence of a security guard can somehow make them feel calmer. The guards will also ensure that the area is always clear for any ambulatory and non-ambulatory operations

Other Areas in the Hospital That Need Security Guards 

  • Mental health areas. These areas have a higher risk of violent incidents. Patients with mental health conditions can sometimes be violent. The security guard who will monitor this must know how to respond to a violent incident. Keep in mind that patients with mental health conditions should be treated differently. 
  • Pharmacies. Some people would want to get hold of controlled substances that are stored in a pharmacy. And if you own a pharmacy store, make sure that you have security personnel guarding the entrance and exit points. You’ll never know who will be so desperate to obtain controlled substances either to sell or use personally. 
  • Cashier. Thieves want money. And where is the best place to find it? At the cashier or cash collection area nonetheless. This is why you need to install security guards to monitor this place so that thieves will not attempt to get inside this room and steal money. 
  • Pediatric. No, the security guards won’t guard the babies. Rather, the security guards are paramount in this area because of infant abduction. It is a real threat. Some people simply want to abduct babies to make money. An on-site security guard will monitor every person entering and leaving this department. But having a security guard must not be the end game. Rather, you should also install video monitoring systems. 

Commercial Security Service Los Angeles

Do Hospitals Need Patrol Security Guards? 

Absolutely. Violent incidents can happen anywhere in a hospital or a clinic. For instance, you may think that an area where private information about patients is kept must not be guarded. But you’re wrong. Some people would want to access patients’ files for some reason. Hence, a well-trained security guard must be installed in this location to prevent private information theft from happening. 

Where to Find a Trustworthy Security Guard? 

Hill quest Security is one of the trusted security companies that offer commercial security service in Los Angeles. Find out more about our services here: 1 (888) 925-8040.