Commercial Security Service in Miami

What are the Qualities of a Security Guard for Your Healthcare Business?

The role of a security guard can’t be stretched, especially in the healthcare industry. You may think that security guards in this industry are those slow-witted police officers that have been misrepresented in Hollywood films. But the security guards in the healthcare industry are different. It is especially true if they are employed by Hillquest Security. Find out more about our commercial security service in Miami designed for this industry. 

The Importance of Commercial Security Service in Miami 

The role of a security guard is more than just guarding your building. 

Boost Customer Support 

You can’t take a good customer setting in this industry lightly. It is the foundation for a successful healthcare program. For many, a security officer is the first point of contact. When a hospital guest wants to locate something, he/she would find a security guard, instead of going to a concierge. The security officers will also create a sense of safety and security for the people inside the hospital premises. This is especially true if their lives are in danger. They know that there are guards who are ready to risk their lives to protect them. 

Enhance Patient Experience 

Security guards who work in the healthcare industry are trained differently. The officers are trained to be fully empathetic. Conveying empathy is necessary. It will help calm a patient or build trust. It also helps in reducing staff anxiety. The security guards who can demonstrate empathy are typically assigned to the healthcare industry as this quality can enhance the patient experience. The guards at Hillquest Security are all compassionate. That’s why they are not just average security officers. They are the security guards that patients and hospital staff can trust. 

Be Helpful to Patients and Staff

A healthcare setting is demanding. It is also grueling compared to other working environments. Hence, security guards in this industry are trained to adapt. They are comfortable carrying out a variety of responsibilities. For instance, they know how to restrain and transport a patient under clinical guidance. They must also know how to adapt and endure long hours of standing. They can walk in the course of their shift. But they are often standing while guarding a specific area. 

Employing the Most Suitable Security Guards 

Many security companies in Miami don’t train their security officers. Although they conduct training, they are not up-to-date. At Hill quest Security, we continue to train our security officers. They must pass regular training to be considered for a certain position. This is especially true if they are to be deployed in a healthcare setting. 

We only employ the most suitable guards to work in a healthcare setting. Our company only hires officers who are understanding and sympathetic. They are committed to supporting the well-being of patients and hospital staff. 

Commercial Security Service in Miami

How to Find Security Guards for Your Healthcare Business? 

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