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What Can Bar Security in Los Angeles Do?

Alcohol, loud music, and large groups of people create the perfect storm for incidents to occur. That’s why Bar Security in Los Angeles is essential to protecting your business. But what responsibilities do HillQuest Security Guards have when stationed outside a bar or nightclub? Let’s look at everything you need to know.

What Bar Security in Los Angeles Can Do

Bouncers and bodyguards have the same rights as civilians. However, their duties are to protect themselves, the business, and the guests. Some of the things bar security officers can do include the following:

  • Contact the police
  • Defend guests 
  • Respond with reasonable force if required
  • Refuse entry to guests that are intoxicated
  • Force guests to leave the premises 
  • Provide verbal warnings

They Can Check IDs

Bouncers can ask patrons for identification upon entry. Security guards are trained to spot fake IDs to ensure only legal adults can enter the establishment. If they suspect a fake ID or someone underage, they can confiscate it. 

Otherwise, the security guard can refuse service and ask the individual to leave. If the individual refuses to leave, the bouncer can call the police. 

Bar Security Can Use Reasonable Force

Unfortunately, it’s common for fights to break out at bars, nightclubs, and special events. Incidents must be dealt with swiftly, effectively, and securely to ensure patrons are safe. Bouncers are the first line of defence against fights, but they can’t use excessive force.

Bar security must use reasonable amounts of force to protect themselves, the property, and the guests. They can perform citizen’s arrests and detain the individuals until law enforcement arrives.

The reasonable force will vary from situation to situation. Forms of pushing, grabbing, and restraining may only be acceptable when necessary. Some instances require the security guards to pin individuals while they wait for further assistance. 

HillQuest Security Agents are highly trained to use the exact amount of force necessary without permanently harming themselves, the suspect, or the business. 

They Can Help In Disaster Situations

One factor that’s often overlooked in restaurant security is crisis planning. Besides fights, disasters like floods, fires, and earthquakes can happen. Although they’re rare, it’s crucial for a business to have a plan for the worst-case scenarios.

HillQuest Security Guard can help create and execute these plans. Our team analyzes each business for strengths and weaknesses according to your goals. We develop strategies for various incidents so you, your staff, and your guests are safe in a crisis. 

Our security officers can help direct guests during evacuation and communicate with team members to ensure everyone is protected. There’s no reason to put your business and staff’s lives on the line—so what’re you waiting for? 

Bar Security in Miami

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