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What is the Role of a Security Guard in Case of Fire?

The security companies “near me” have highly trained security guards. Most businesses choose to hire security offers to respond and identify potential threats. What they haven’t thought about is the role of security guards when it comes to emergencies, like fire. Although they won’t replace the job of firefighters, they are crucial in this situation.

Do “Security Companies Near Me” Train Their Security Guards on How to Respond in Emergencies?

When you choose the security guards from a reliable, trustworthy security company, you can be sure that you’re hiring highly-trained officers who know what to do in emergencies. But first, they are trained on the things they can do to prevent fire from even starting.

Security Companies Near Me

Prevention and Preparation

Most fires can be avoided if there are people who notice the risk on time. But fires that couldn’t be avoided must be handled properly to minimize the damage to the property and people’s lives. Security guards can contribute to the prevention of fires by knowing the procedures in determining how they react during a fire.

Monitor the Premises

The security guards are there to patrol and monitor the premises. They can observe and find fire hazards. These guards are trained to observe unusual heat, unexpected sparks, and exposed electrical wiring. And if they find them, they can remove them immediately to avoid the fire to start.

React Quickly

On the other hand, if the risks transform into the actual fire, the security guards can react quickly. After hearing the fire alarm sounds, they can investigate where the fire starts and confirm it. They will notify the proper authorities. And if they notice fire but the alarm didn’t go off, they can activate it. With their experience and communication skills, they can manage the situation by assisting the people on the premises in the evacuation process.

Then, when the firefighters arrive at the scene, the guards can provide them with the necessary details about the source of the fire and the status of the evacuation process. Their reports are useful for the firefighters to help them come up with strategies to put off the fire.

However, if the fire is insignificant, the security guards can help in putting it out using a fire extinguisher. Most security guards are trained on how to use fire equipment. Then again, not all guards are properly trained to respond to emergencies. For that reason, it’s vital for your business to only hire security guards from a reputable security company.

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