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What Miami Security Guards Can and Can’t Do

It’s essential to understand what Miami Security Guards can and can’t do, whether you’re a small business owner or a citizen. Security professionals deter criminal activity like theft, vandalism, and assault but must follow certain restrictions. Let’s look at everything you need to know. 

They Can Perform a Citizen’s Arrest

Security professionals can perform a citizen’s arrest once specific conditions are met. They must have reasonable suspicion the suspect committed a crime or was in the act of committing one. 

That said, security guards don’t have any more power than the general public. Security guards are more equipped to deal with criminal movements and perform citizen arrests. Police officers are the only individuals who can take the arrest further. 

Security Officers Cannot Use Excessive Amounts of Force

Security agents aren’t allowed to use excessive amounts of force when performing a citizen’s arrest. Force is required in several situations, but it must be reasonable. Excessive force makes the citizen arrest unlawful, which harms the reputation of the security agent and the business. 

Any forms of pushing, grabbing, or restraining are only acceptable when necessary. In some cases, security agents can push and pin an individual during detainment if they attempt to escape. 

HillQuest Security Guards are trained to use force only when necessary, without permanently harming themselves, the suspect, or the business. 

They Cannot Search Possessions Without Consent

Security agents cannot search an individual or possessions without their consent. That said, if the individual is unconscious or isn’t present, the security guard can search the possessions for security purposes. 

Possessions can include bags, pockets, cars, and similar items. This rule applies even if the security guard suspects a shoplifter. They do not have the right to search possessions if they suspect someone of stealing. 

Fortunately, security agents can detain suspected criminals until a police officer arrives. 

Security guards can also inspect guests’ belongings to grant them access to a venue. If a guest refuses, the security professional can prevent them from entering the event. Many concerts, conventions, and venues use these rules to ensure safety. 

Armed Security Officers Need a License

Only licensed security guards can carry a weapon. Weapons include firearms, batons, pepper spray, and more. Unarmed security guards can carry handcuffs to aid in detaining criminals, but that’s it. 

Armed guards in Florida require a Class D Security License and Statewide Firearms G License. Unarmed security agents only need a Class D Security License. 

HillQuest security guards in Florida go through a comprehensive, multi-day training course that provides the foundations of a prosperous career. The course covers topics like best practices, self-defence, detaining, and more. Many officers go on to complete additional training, like CPR and AED

Miami Security Guards

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